The new young male masseurs

Young gay masseur

The new young male masseurs

Young male masseurs can be terribly sexy and seductive! So please check the pictures of every city in Spain. Like this you’ll be able to choose the best masseur for your next amazing massage!

“Roger has been terribly sweet and caring. I didn’t expect such a tender bodywork from a handsome man like him!”

Recently also Dani and Yamal joined our team in Barcelona. Of course you can check all of us on one single post on our exclusive masseurs directory.

Young male masseur

Experienced masseurs as myself, Paco, are also very sought after . I am what you’d call a “young daddy“. I look mature and I am experienced.

While many other men prefer younger masseurs. And this is where Roger, Dani, Yamal and Leo come into the picture.

Their bodies and faces are exactly as you will see on the pictures. All of them smooth, with some nice tattoos. Strong, defined. And with exactly the blessing you wish to see, touch and enjoy!

Endowed male masseurs

Benito instead is beyond big. And still beautiful to look at —and to touch. For some men he is:

A bit too large for certain purposes, though. Anyway, that’s my preference!”

Your decision!

Choose the most convenient: out-call

Any of the masseurs you choose can serve you wherever you are. They travel to any hotel in Barcelona. We will not charge transport fees in the city center. We call this out-call massage to hotels.

Young male masseur for in-call

If you wish to visit our gay massage studio, please feel free to request it as well. We have our own professional place. It is very important you place your request with some advance. Because this is our gay massage studio and we usually have many bookings!

Of course Leo can serve you too! We all share this professional apartment, only for massage. So perfectly equipped for everything we need to deliver the best massages!

For reservations, either Tom, Leo or Matt, please call Paco: contact me!

Young male masseur prices

And Jorge has his own website: gay escorts in Barcelona. Here you’ll be able to check all his specials and prices.

Finally, Benito is also an amazing option for crossing the limits from massage to mating! You can find his pictures on Jorge’s website as well.

Please send him an SMS with your request. Try to be as specific as possible. Jorge speaks a bit of English.

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