Wrestling massage

Wrestling massage

Wrestling massage is a new massage style. Well, not really “new” since it already existed for a long time. But it didn’t have a specific tag for itself.

So let’s discover what it is all about!

What is wrestling massage

First off, I am not a wrestler. I never did wrestling, to be honest.

Don’t ask me why, but there has always been some customer who asked me about this.

“Can we do some wrestling massage? I like to interact with another man in a kinda fight. This turns me on like hell and it gets me very close to climax. I guess if you could do this and allow to jerk off each other I will contract you”.

This is how it all started! I have been doing wrestling massage for some 5 years now. Every couple of months there is a new wrestler contacting me with a similar question.

Wrestlers are muscled, toned, fit and extremely sexy.

I can adapt to many wrestling styles, just by following you. Just let me know and let’s have a previous conversation. Or no conversation at all! It makes the whole thing even sexier!

Discover wrestling massage

Gay wrestling is the obviously homoerotic version of the wrestling sport. When two males feel a sexual excitement by practicing a naked wrestling we can call it a gay wrestling.

Many gay wrestlers like it though. This turns the fighting sport into an erotic male on male ritual.

To many men it is a game that leads to a kind of sexual foreplay.

We can turn our erotic massage into a kind of wrestling. This is a fun game, also extremely hot and sexy!

Special massage in Barcelona

In Barcelona and with me or with Jack! You can enjoy this very special erotic massage session into a gay wrestling session on the Japanese bed.

So let’s take your massage to a new dimension!

Book your massage

It is as easy as sending me an SMS: +34 676 648 226

Finally, please feel free to call me on the phone: +34 676 648 226

There is much more to read and discover about my gay massage service in Barcelona: www.male-masseur.com

See you in Barcelona!

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