The new win-win massage to maximise your benefits!

Win-win massage

The new win-win massage to maximise your benefits!

Win-win massage, the service with advantages for both of us. So the masseur and the receiver find the fairest deal!

Frequently we assume beforehand it is obvious. Though it’s not always, according to some clients. Based on many comments I got from my customers, the win-win deal is not always happening.

It’s always good to prevent —and avoid— the “too late!” thoughts. What does it mean?

Win-win massage

I have been working in massage industry since 2003. Needless to say it is a long time, almost half my life serving gay men. Though erotic services may sound too easy for many, it is not always this way. There is much more personal stuff involved than you can think of.

“I need to be certain that this is exactly what I want. You know I’m paying for it. And money doesn’t grow on the trees”.

Not all customers are generous with their spendings. Many gay men are very purchase-aware and don’t spend a cent in services or products they don’t know.

Since there is always a first time with a gay masseur, they think twice before taking a firm decision.

“Now I know you told me the truth about everything. Because your service descriptions are very accurate. All the surprises have been on the pleasing side and made me very happy! Where can I write a review to tell everybody to trust you?”

Gay win-win massage

It’s a long time I’m serving gay men, bisexual men and also straight men. Because many guys are curious about homo-erotic sensual experiences! Legitimately to me of course!

So this long time serving in this industry is the proof I’m offering a true win-win service. Since my customers —and you too, very soon!— always get what you desire!

“Being so far away from home sometimes makes me reluctant to fully trust whatever stuff. But just the way you speak on the phone, and later meeting you personally. All this gave me the certainty you are a honest guy“.

I cant’ stress enough how honest I am. Though this is something everybody is able to believe only when meeting me.

“You are serious. I mean, nice, polite and even fun, but you take your job professionally. I felt I am in good hands from the very beginning!”

There are some more testimonials, reviews that my customers have been sending in ever since.

Erotic massage for gay men

Erotic massage is even more delicate. Because you can’t get very wrong with a therapy massage!

Since erotic bodywork involves some deeper intimate connection. The genuine sexy attitude, the real experience on tantric massage. There are too many factors that make this job a not too easy one.

“This is not that plain hand-job. There is much more involved in your work, and I really enjoyed it! I can’t wait for the next time! See you soon!”

Book your best massage

My deal is always about caring. Honestly caring about your satisfaction. hence I won’t promise anything I can’t do. Just call me and let me know what your expectations are.

Paco: contact me.

Explore this website and find many other contents about gay massage in Barcelona, testimonials and even gay erotic stories!

See you soon!

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