Why not massage if you really want to have three experiences in one

Why not massage

Why not massage if you really want to have three experiences in one

Why not massage today? This is what a customer recently told me after our session. It was exactly the thought he had in the morning as he woke up.

“Why not having a massage today? I fancy some nice massage! It’s now years since the last time I had one!”

So he searched online! He used the specific term “gay massage in Barcelona” and he found me.

Why not massage?

It’s exactly the same question as:

“Why not having a beer?”

Sometimes you just fancy going to the movies or having some ice-cream. Because life is about the little treats we can give ourselves. Just for the sake of it.

“I’m having very few massages. I think a lot about it but I never take the step. There is always something else coming up. This time though I decided to call you!”

Explore the gay massage

Gay men are usually very creative and adventurous. Sometimes we have inspirational ideas. Exactly the kind of stuff other guys tag as “eccentric”.

What is a gay massage though?

It is obviously some bodywork. More specifically done by a gay masseur for a gay receiver. Though not necessary! I am also serving many straight and bisensual clients.

Is it tempting with some risk? I mean the risk of taking it to something sexy or intimate?

If that’s the case then we should call it sensual gay bodywork. Or even tantric gay experience.. By the way, this is where I’m explaining an easy to understand introduction to gay Tantra.

Readers and customers who know me well will tell you I’m honest at all times.

Of course I can offer you some therapy massage as well. But 98% of my customers come asking specifically for erotic bodywork. Meaning the sensual kind. And also the kind of naked massage involving sensual pleasure and happy ending.

Us gay guys are like this! We always prefer a “two in one” or a “three in one“! Always with some extra pleasures it’s much much better!

And this is exactly what I’m offering you!

Check this interactive Tantric massage and see if it fits your expectations!

By the way, I already discarded the Relaxing massage because it is the less requested!

Why not tonight?

Massage is a great idea for afterwork. And also for after a dinner. Before going to sleep it’s even better!

“I left your massage for the last thing of the day. I hand’t this much sexy fun for years! And such a deep sleep! Thank you so much for all these!”

I always stress the fact that last minute massage is risky. Sometimes I have other reservations. So it’s much safer if you plan a little ahead of time.

Paco: contact me!

I am this daddy masseur. Tall, strong and expert. I understand some guys prefer these exclusive gay masseurs though. These guys are some extremely talented professionals advertising on this website, so check them out!

While some other customers want to go the more explicit style. Then please check Jorge, Luca, Leo and Benito on gay escorts in Barcelona.

See you soon in Barcelona!

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