Whimsy massage

Whimsy massage

Whimsy massage is when you feel this fantasy you can’t escape. It’s not an obsession, though. It is something you can control, like hunger. But you really feel you need it. For whatever reason!

Well, you sure have the right to enjoy something you really want.

Whimsy massage

“You know Paco, this is just a whim. But I know I need it. And I guess it’s going to help me in many other ways I just can’t foresee”.

Sometimes a whim is a clue. Because there’s a lot going on in our minds. And our subconscious is asking us for stuff we sometimes don’t relate to more serious things.

You maybe see this need for my erotic massage as a whim.

Though deep down there are some reasons.

“It’s a long time now since my last moment of true tenderness. And you are making me remember those moments. Thank you!”

Erotic whimsy massage

Once a very nice man told me this:

“You know, a massage like yours is a whim. It’s something I really don’t need. I could have sex with somebody. But I think I don’t want to go that far. So a good erotic massage should do it”.

As if something like sensual massage is less worth than something serious! Well, I think it is!

Because I take sensuality in a very responsible way.

Eroticism is not as frequent in our lives as we think it is. Especially married men have thoughts like this one:

“Sex is becoming a routine with my partner. And your bodywork takes me back to the first encounters. Because I just love the times of mutual discovery. The times we are learning each other’s language”.

Deserving the whimsy massage

Every now and then we all need a treat. There are so many things we don’t do or we don’t buy. Just because there are reasons. “Reason” like in “rational”. Though life is about the magic of the little treasures, the surprises and the little improvisations.

“I wasn’t supposed to have a massage like this. But I’m so happy now! I feel like with a new skin and also with a new heart! I just feel great!”

If you need to talk to me, this is the best way:

Paco: +34676648226

Go on discovering more about my tantric massage on www.male-masseur.com

And let me also suggest Matt: www.gay-massage.sexy

See you soon in Barcelona!

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