Wheelchair massage

Wheelchair massage

Wheelchair massage is, as you already guess, a massage for men who are on a Wheelchair.

I don’t know exactly how this happened, but there was a time when more and more men started to request this service.

Wheelchair and rights

Fortunately even men who must use a wheelchair for mobility are also understanding that you have the same rights as everybody else. And intimacy is also a right.

So erotic massage is an option you can enjoy for whatever reasons. After all, it’s your right to decide how to enjoy yourself.

In my opinion it’s also a challenge and a merit to overcome all the difficulties. And prejudice, since sometimes the family of impaired men think they should give up all sorts of intimate needs.

Wheelchair massage

During the last years I have been serving more and more men on wheelchairs.

I need to point out that these men are absolutely aware of themselves in all aspects. First off, they start the request like this:

Hi Paco, I’m on a wheelchair. I read that your studio is not wheelchair friendly. So I’dd like to know if you can serve me in my hotel”.

My answer is always:

Of course!

Specific massage techniques

Limitations have a very interesting consequence. Namely the fact we can use them to have fun anyway! Of course I can only massage the body parts that are free and those that the given man can put free for my access.

You will be amazed on how much we can do using certain limitations to your own advantage!

Of course all these limitations are different for every man.

Grateful experience!

These men are the most grateful. Precisely because they seldom have the chance to use a service like mine for their enjoyment.

Thank you so much for willing to serve me! And thank you too for bearing with my weight and my lack of mobility. You delivered an amazingly sexy massage that I will remember for a long time!

I was afraid to call because I am frequently rejected as a client.

After the massage I always feel like my heart is smiling! I also like the fact to feel especially useful for men who value this era special experience.

Contact me

As you know, I always stress the fact that contacting in advance is safer.

We can discuss special features, but the main massage menus are the same: Relaxing massage, prostate massage and Interactive Tantric massage.

Your decision!

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