What is erotic Tantra massage

Erotic Tantra massage

What is erotic Tantra massage

There are many secrets about erotic Tantra massage. Between the myth and the real experience you’ll find here 5 secret facts you need to know.

It’s also about what my customers refer to as magic Tantra!

5 secrets of erotic Tantra massage

So the most valuable secrets are the best kept. Because nobody speaks about it, and nobody will ever share them.

Today and here I will disclose 5 secrets that are extremely relevant.

Don’t expect me though to share the most valuable secrets! You may recognise them during our session!

Joy, a legitimate need

Feeling and enjoying joyful moments is a legitimate need for each and every human being on this world. So to me prohibiting joy is a torture and is equivalent to death.

You might feel the need of some intense joy. First off, sensuality and this intimate massage can deliver it! And your satisfaction deserves this quality time!

Empty your mind

Erotic Tantra massage is a bodywork capable of switching off your mind. Because Tantra techniques allow you to find this deep relaxation. Your mind will feel like empty. It is a trance-like state that will make you recover fresh energy after your massage!

So this is not only safe but recommended! Since all men need this releasing bodywork every once in a while.

Body awareness

Tantra techniques will also help you in finding awareness. We are too used to automatic actions in our daily routines. As you know, awareness is good for body and mind. Because awareness brings balance. And it is also is easy to achieve during my erotic Tantra session. I will guide you!

Many men tell me “I felt all my cells coming to life during your massage”. Other men tell me:

“This is something magic!”.


No matter how good a masseur can be technically. Though if he is not delivering some tenderness and the right sensual attitude, his techniques will feel shallow or superficial. Mindful massage is an asset any Tantra masseur needs to have, train and use.

True tenderness is a secret you can share but not everybody is able to give in a massage.

“Other guys feel fake. But Paco, I felt your tenderness is absolutely real!”

Natural climax

Many men come in seeking for release. Just release, plain and simple.

While climax is a fast way to achieve release. Though I never force this. It happens because the one hour bodywork takes you very naturally to this wish.

Sexual excitement grows from pleasing to urging. Really sexy! I will keep you on the edge for a long long time. Many men achieve climax without even touching their dick!

That’s how hot and irresistible it can get!

Erotic Tantra massage in Barcelona

If you are visiting Barcelona at some point in the near future you need to know where to go. And this place is exactly where you will enjoy the best erotic Tantra massage! Performed by a man.

You can also choose among Matt, Jack, Benito, Leo, Jorge and myself. We are absolutely different profiles of body types and ages!

Here you have the ultimate gay massage directory for Barcelona. Including Jack, Jorge and Benito, our new team members!

You can separate us in expert masseurs and in young gay masseurs, as age specific and expertise categories.

Erotic Tantra for gay men

So gay erotic Tantra massage is the bodywork performed by a man for a man. It is a male on male bodywork for gentlemen who fancy an intimate massage session. This does not mean that any of us is gay. We are not using tags here, though many men need to know gay men are served.

Out-call massage

You are welcomed to enjoy your best erotic massage right in your hotel room. It is very convenient and besides there are no additional charges!

In-call erotic Tantra massage

Come to our personal gay massage studio! This will feel like a bubble in time and space. Forget about routine and worries and indulge into a blissful and very sensual experience.

Our massage prices

Finally, you can choose among a variety of different massages. Because erotic intensity comes in different temperatures: from relaxing massage to naked massage, while prostate massage is in the middle price range.

Is there more information you need to know about erotic Tantra massage? I’ll be happy to answer! Just call and ask!

More information for men visiting Sitges!

See you in Barcelona or Sitges!

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