new Well endowed masseur Barcelona

Endowed masseur Barcelona

new Well endowed masseur Barcelona

If you are looking for a well endowed masseur Barcelona I can give you some very useful recommendations. Not just pointing to myself, because there are many extremely interesting professionals you can also use.

Both for massage and for much more!

Bear with me and go on reading if extremely big tools do fascinate you!

By the way, I am Paco. My customers say I got a sexy body. But my body is not just everything about myself. The most special asset is my amazing talent for erotic massage.

We all know gay massage triggers the expectations to sensuality and… more.

Well endowed masseur Barcelona

Some of my customers ask me this:

“Why do you advertise yourself using your dick size if you are a masseur and not an escort?”

The reason is because it matters to many men! Precisely these guys complaining about my “too sexy” blog are the ones who are choosing me. So they like to enjoy my gay massage service.

It’s fun y how exactly those guys who say not to be interested in dick size, finally are as well.

Endowed masseur and massage

How come the endowment of a masseur matters for a massage service? I think this aspect might not be your priority while it’s a potential detail to have in mind. Because when choosing among several options to enjoy the best erotic Tantra massage the guy giving it is also relevant.

After all an erotic massage is a fantasy, and it’s also about pampering you and down the line this really sexy service. It is the kind of experience you fancy when you are feeling horny. And then again you’d probably choose the guy who is fulfilling your physical preferences. Like this endowed masseur Barcelona.

Fancy a hairy masseur? Maybe a daddy masseur? Like a strong guy? Prefer a bearded guy? Like an excellent masseur. That’s all me.

As I said before, there are many more options!

Scroll down to find all the exclusive masseurs!

Hairy masseur

I also promote myself describing me exactly as I am: a “bear-type” hairy and strong daddy masseur. I am 6,2 feet tall, which makes me stand out of many a spanish masseur. This is why I also speak about my dick size. I am your endowed masseur Barcelona.

Uncut masseur

And since we are speaking about my endowment why not give another intimate detail. I am this uncut masseur, so my dick is not circumcised. This is also a fantasy and a fetish for many gay men looking for a massage.

This asset is especially relevant if you wish to enjoy my naked massage. By the way, this is the most requested “massage menu”? Why? Maybe because it is the hottest one!

Do you with to top it with some oral sex? Then please choose the Tantra Fusion option. Amazing!

By the way, the the option each and every of these flawless exclusive masseurs are also offering for you —for your total pleasure and satisfaction!

Strong masseur

I take good care of my body. I also practice sports and weight lifting 3-4 times weekly. Not just to look like I do now but because I like sports. Sports are something I’m addicted to. It’s not just because to take care of my sexy body. It also boosts my stamina and to keep my mind balanced. Because sports is not only good for the body but for the mind. Men who do sports on a regular basis know about this.

Don’t forget to check more about your hung masseur Barcelona.

I am servicing each and every man who desires to enjoy an amazingly sexy erotic massage. You might be practicing sports or not, I will be performing an amazingly sweet and sexy massage just for you!

If you need more specific information about my male massage service please contact me, or check these useful FAQs. Finally, these testimonials can also be very useful to take the right decísion!

If this is relevant to you for choosing a masseur, then we’re your men!

If you want to go even further, please check these excellent gay escorts in Barcelona!

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