The new trend in massage is the well built masseur

Well built masseur

The new trend in massage is the well built masseur

While searching for a well built masseur in Barcelona you’ll bump into Paco. Besides, he is extremely expert in erotic massage.

So body build is relevant, yet not everything you should be looking at!

What are all the other assets you should also check on a gay masseur?

Well this is me, and I am able to serve you in your hotel or at my gay massage studio in the city center of Barcelona.

“Hell you are a well built guy!”

Because this is what many of my customers say when. While I am undressing in front of them when serving hotel massages in Barcelona.

I did not pay much attention to it until yesterday. I always hear my customers saying all sorts of things about my job and about my body. Though it’s not that I’m not listening. Because I guess my humble side blushes.

But yesterday I thought this is a recurring comment, something they tell me frequently. So this might be relevant.

Well built masseur

It is relevant because being a well built masseur is maybe the first aspect my customers can see from me. Before ever enjoying a m4m massage with me, the visual, namely my pictures, is the first information they have about me. While I’m not aware yet!

Choosing your well built masseur

So this is a reason to choose me from among many other masseurs in Barcelona. Though it’s a lot about personal preferences, personal taste and even fetish.

Though if you prefer younger and really exclusive gay masseurs please meet Jorge Roger, Dani, Benito, Luca and Alex.

Hairy well built masseur

I am a hairy well built masseur. Some guys say “you are a bear type masseur“. Yes I am strong. Because I practice weight trainings 3 to 4 times a week. So I like sports and I can tell the different advantages sports has in my life. Not just the physical sides.

These are some other relevant physical assets of me:

Though the most important is my expertise. Erotic gay massage needs not only training but talent, experience and the right attitude.

Well built masseur is not enough

As you guess, being a sexy, attractive masseur is not enough. Because there has to be a solid massage foundation. I started offering massages and erotic massages in 2002. If my job not as good as it is, I wouldn’t be here now.

Besides, the word of mouth of my massage service is not because I am a well built masseur. The main reason is the massage experience I am performing for you. My sexy attitude, my talent for erotic massage and everything else about my service. Because each man focuses on different little details about my service. And I guess they all work!

As you surely agree, there are some other assets the excellent masseur should meet.

  • Trustworthy masseur
  • Professional masseur
  • Discretion
  • Politeness
  • Coaching attitude

Because the only goal is your deepest satisfaction. So all I do is to pamper and treat you to a wonderful, sexy and man on man massage experience.

Dare to enjoy it!

You’ll find more information about my therapies and prices here:

Gay masseurs in Madrid

Sometimes gay men call me to ask for a gay masseur in Madrid. And I sure have some friends over there! So please check them on gay massage in Madrid!

I especially suggest Ronaldo and Dario. Both are technically excellent and also have an amazing physique and facial beauty!

Gay masseurs in Ibiza

During this summer I can also help you in Ibiza. Check the three amazing gay and bisensual masseurs on this island: Ibiza gay massage.

Finally, if you need a completely sensual approach to gay massage please check Jorge and his friends: gay escorts in Barcelona.

Or just call to ask me! I’m Paco: Contact me!

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