The new Watersports massage

Watersports massage

The new Watersports massage

Watersports massage is a new kinky massage style. It is not only about sharing erotic shower. Whats the stuff that makes it pop out of all other massage styles?

Yes, it’s time for Olympic Games in Rio. And also for some sexy experience right in your hotel in Barcelona.

Take my hand and let’s get wet!

What is watersports massage

In Spain we also call it “golden shower” or “golden rain”. This is a very powerful turn-on for many gay men!

So water sports is a complement to a very sexy naked massage for gay men. After our erotic massage or before, as you wish, you can enjoy this special feature as a relevant part of the experience I can offer you.

As in everything gay, there is always a top and a bottom, a giver and a receiver.

Water sports is not an exception. We can play this game as you like. And also switching roles.

Erotic massage

My job is erotic bodywork. And believe me there is not one single day I don’t get a special request.

Us gay men are extremely open and honest, and most of us learned how to ask for the stuff we just fancy.

As long as we keep this in the context of an erotic bodywork there is no problem at all!

As I said before, it might be a relevant part of your erotic massage experience with me.

Outcall Watersports massage

This special fetish massage is only possible in your hotel room. Premium hotels usually have really nice and spacious bath rooms where we can best perform this hot experience!

There is no extra cost for visiting you in your hotel room. Taxis are always included inside the city of Barcelona.

There is also no special fee for performing some kinky features as this one. As long you understand this is a part of a naked massage.

The longer your session the freakier we’ll get!

I do have other massage prices but their erotic intensity os lower and not suited for this special request.

Book your most special massage!

Watersports massage is as easy to book as calling me for your request.

Paco: contact me!

Please check other contents on my website and my blog. There is a special category for fetish massage.

See you soon in Barcelona!

Let me suggest Jorge though if you need some service closer to escorting.

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