Wagner, the straight friend tricked

straight friend tricked

Wagner, the straight friend tricked

Straight friend tricked is one of the most recurring erotic fantasies. Though I was totally unaware of it at the time this happened —call me a naive.

This is a real story. Believe me or not, it was absolutely never my intention for it to happen. I’m still feeling guilty.

Male names starting with a “W” are very common in Brazil. One of Raul’s best friend, Wellington, had six male brothers —only one of them was straight— and his parents called them Washington, Walter, Willian, Wilber, Wesley… I won’t mention the straight one here.

But let’s start from the beginning!

Shangri-La, the Asian lady who owned the Tantra massage center, decided to hire me because of my previous knowledge in this specific massage style. Though she wanted to make sure I was going to use only the range of techniques she approved. That’s why she gave me a one month long training, with the help of two of her best masseuses. The two ladies and me were naked, practising techniques on each other. While Shangri-La only sat there watching and commanding —with her unique white face and thin voice. I was spending three evenings a week at their massage house.

I must confess I learned a lot with them, and also everything about female anatomy. Shangri-La wanted me to serve ladies only since she was absolutely homophobic. Serving male clients wasn’t even an issue.

All this messed a lot with my own sensuality. It’s not that I was starting to turn bisensual or straight, but all I learnt opened my mind to understand what and how many women feel in their relationships.


More often than not I used to visit Raul’s aunt after those evenings at Shangri-La. Those days Raul was spending the after-noons with her in her amazing apartment in Jardim Botânico. She had a view facing exactly under the Corcovado’s armpit. Isolde, Raul’s aunt, was specialised in other sorts of spiritual therapies using crystals, minerals and essential oils. She and Raul were very close, more like friends than aunt and nephew.

They were oftentimes talking about regressions, and in fact my issue about Stanislaw was one of their most recurring examples. Though I wonder if Raul ever mentioned to her that amazing night I described on the dark silhouette.

Life goes on

After a while, when Isolde, Raul and me were talking about the next weekend’s plans, Wagner stepped in with a broad smile. I first avoided looking into his eyes, just to save us both the shame.

But from then on he has always been a sweetheart. He never mentioned this again, though he is still interested in tricks to use on his girlfriends. Sometimes when we talk about Tantric techniques I feel a very wild desire to seduce him again —now I know the trick that works on him!

So this is the last erotic story —by now! Stay tuned and check back or subscribe my monthly newsletter!

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