how to use Verbal sex during a massage

Verbal sex

how to use Verbal sex during a massage

Verbal sex is a special stimulation. Though we usually forget how powerful words and ideas can be. Also in the world of pleasure!

Sex is communication. Besides, whatever you can express with scents, music, touch and words is able to arouse you sensually.

I am speaking here from the perspective of sensual pleasure. We all know the difference between sex and erotic massage. They have lost of stuff in common, and this is what I’d like to explore today as well.

“I know what your job is about, Paco. But the pleasure you gave me is totally sensual!”

Follow me into this amazing world of sexy fantasy and excitement!

What is verbal sex?

Sex is a huge and very complex world. Also very unique to everybody —and strictly personal.

Verbal sex is this very interesting complement to erotic massage. Many gay men feel also stimulated by spoken communication during the intimate act of massage.

Erotic fantasies can be done and can also be spoken. Language is a rich world that has nurtured literature. And also the most unforgettable moments in bed. Or on a massage table!

Sharing spoken communication can be something really intimate, unique and capable of creating a very special bond between two men.

Verbal as stimulation

We react to all the senses we know: sight, sound, touch, taste, smell. All these are able to stimulate us sensually. Because we associate these with remembrances, or because they excite something really deep inside of our being.

Massage stimulates via the skin and the touch. From soft strokes and caresses to pressure and to grips, the world of the body contact is also a rich universe of hues. Temperature is also a key factor in skin on skin communication.

The ambiance surrounding a massage has a strong effect on the session as well.

The scent of sandal or perfume, the soft music, the lighting, everything has a role. Some men like a darker room, some men like wooden scents, some like silence.

And some men like going verbal.

Massage and going verbal

I found many men who start a conversation before the massage. I sometimes guess it will also follow throughout the session. A single subject leads to another one… until we get into very sexy stuff.

That’s the moment when intimate fantasies show up.

“Have you ever been to a nudist beach? Do you think the guys would near us and watch our massage?”

Some fantasies dive into transgression, taboos. Sometimes also into forbidden relationships as incest. You name it!

This is just one example of how a customer was asking for verbal sex. It is not only about screaming “fuck me, fuck me!”. Because verbal sex can develop into an amazing storyboard enchaining sexy situations.

“Paco, please tell me you’re my daddy and I’m your son”.

As you can see, there is a small step from verbal sex to role play. And I don’t care taking it.

Because to me erotic massage and all the stimulations surrounding it come natural and spontaneously.

Tricks for verbal sex

As in all jobs on Earth, talent is crucial. Not everybody has the talent to lead or to follow this kind of sexy conversation.

What do you need to give amazing verbal sex?

  • Be spontaneous
  • Have fantasy
  • Behave natural
  • Be reasonable
  • Act genuinely
  • Keep balance
  • Control your voice
  • Be honest
  • Don’t over-act

The intertwining of all these should be seamless and flow in a very natural way though. So the best trick to me is enjoying it myself as well!

Personally I need to listen intently to perceive the customer’s hidden —sometimes unconscious— desires and fears. So I follow all the “breadcrumbs” they leave behind.

Order you verbal massage

Now you are in Barcelona you might wish to enjoy my very special erotic massage for men. Maybe also including spoken communication during the massage?

Contact me and let’s start talking!

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