Value and price are the new criteria to choose services

Value and price of massage

Value and price are the new criteria to choose services

Value and price are two different concepts. It is hard to find a balance between them, but I guess we got it!

“Your massage is priceless!”

Even though it is such an amazing experience to many a man, it needs to have a translation into value. Sometimes the price is also a clue about the quality you can expect.

Before we start, have a quick look at all the covid-19 precautions we are using since April 2020 to make sure we are all safe!

Did you know I am not alone here? These are extremely exclusive masseurs who are performing similar services to mine. I know the all personally and they are tested for quality and reliability!

The difference between value and price

Everybody knows what a price is. You see a tag sticked to a t-shirt. So you go “hm, 30 €”. “It’s cheap”, you may think. Or “expensive” or “just the right amount” of money. You know if you can pay for it. And you know also if it quality suites your expectations. And the fabric you are touching.

Price is an objetive number. It is the same for everybody. So all the guys looking at that t-shirt will see the same number. To some of them, it sounds cheap. Some other will say it is expensive though!

So this is where the value comes in.

Though each and every man sees a different value for the same thing with the same price tag. It seems to depend not only on your income. It also depends on how useful and meaningful that object or service is to you.

You might rather think you don’t need it. It might not be a priority to you at this time.

All these circumstances can change the value of a given thing.

Value and rare things

Rare things are more valuable. The extreme example are diamonds or masterpiece paintings. Difficult to find, expensive to work on. Only a few people in the world do own a diamond or a masterpiece. Why are some people paying millions of Euros for a Van Gogh painting? Being able to afford it is not enough to understand the phenomenon.

Massage and value

You can find therapeutic massages for 40 €. Because there are thousands of therapy masseurs offering this service. Just one masseur can do dozens of them a day.

While erotic massage is less common. Because it involves some intimacy —some guys say it’s close to sex—, and especially because it needs the masseur’s will to do it. Besides having the specific talents to perform it. All these are some talents a regular masseur is lacking. As you know, most of the therapeutic massage professionals are not willing to touch your sexual parts. Not to mention they don’t want to be touched back either!

When speaking about erotic massage all this means we are dealing with a special and rather uncommon service.

On top of all that, erotic masseurs are facing many difficulties to advertise. We are banned from many advertising systems and also from Google. We have to find different ways to promote our services, and they are oftentimes extremely expensive.

So we are not just some uncommon service but also facing extremely high costs.

Massage value and price

I am offering erotic massage for gay men since 2003. During all these years I have found my prices are fair though. Why? Because I am in high demand. And I have a very high percentage of recurring customers. Both locals and men coming from all cities of the world.

“You are pricey! But the quality of your bodywork deserves what you are asking! And the experience you deliver is special and unique. I must say you are worth each and every cent of euro you are charging. Since I also enjoyed each and every second of your bodywork”.

I speak to men from all origins, religions, ages and races on a daily basis. All of them are able to enjoy it. And since they pay my massage service I have proof the prices are fair.

“Expensive is an adjective for food, plane tickets, clothing and hotels, but not you. I’d fly to you twice a week, man”.

Value and price in numbers

I have an amazing list of bills and expenses. I’m facing them every day and all year long. I don’t want to bore you with this though! Just understand I’m paying taxes because my job —and my business!— is legal and lawful.

If you have any sort of question please contact me!

Paco: contact me!

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See you soon in Barcelona!

Some guys tell me they are see¡ing for gay escorts. Here you go!

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