Gay Massage Valencia

Male masseur in Valencia

Male masseur in Valencia is available for all visitors who value the highest quality and most elegant massage service.

Female masseuses are very easy to find because there are lots of them. Though when you prefer a male masseur in Valencia you have less choices.

We know you strive for the best quality in all aspects, both physical beauty and massage quality. So that’s us!

Do you have specific questions? The quick way to all answers is contacting male masseur and ask whatever you need to know.

Welcome to Valencia, the home to “paella” and also to the best gay masseurs!

After strolling around this seducing city on the Mediterranean you will probably need a nice massage —or more than just nice!

Be safe and order it before having a too heavy dinner, or after digestion anytime during the day. Because Valencia offers this extremely tasty cuisine —sometimes very abundant— and this has also its counterpart on the best gay masseurs.

Just one very useful piece of information: local clients are used to very simple massage sessions. We know you want the highest quality in all aspects, so we did a very severe casting to make sure these professionals are really worth your money.

The most elaborate gay massage —and also tantric massage— is the service you will only find with us on this website. Our clients deserve and demand the highest performance in all senses.

The professional masseurs we can offer you have the true talent for erotic and spicy massage. Besides, we are always honest about arrival timing and all other informations.

Call us and trust our suggestions about availability and the professional who best fits your desires.

Naked massage in Valencia

Our Gay massage in Valencia is the most valued experience for gay men. Valencia is the core city for shoe industry, citric fruits, rice and many other products in the nutrition industry. So we receive visitors not only from around Spain but also from the whole world.

The capital city of País Valencia —as we call our region— has also several ports, as Sagunto and the close by Port de València.

So we are used to meet gentlemen from all cultures, races and religious backgrounds.

Little by little Valencia is also becoming a very attractive tourist destination. There are many many interesting monuments to see here!

After too many stone monuments and buildings and parks, you will need some human warmth. And this is where our gay masseurs in Valencia come into the picture.

We also call the naked massageinteractive tantric massage” because its foundation is the body to body intimate communication. Interactivity means mutual touch, and this feature is able to spice up the session from the very first minute.

You also have other options but of course the naked and mutual touch experience is the spiciest we can do. Depending on the masseur you choose you can also order some “extras” which exceed the concept of massage.

Touch techniques

Mutual touch also needs some specific training. Our male masseurs in Valencia are proficient in a very wide range of erotic grips. Much beyond sensual communication. And the result is always your welfare, serenity, relaxation and emotional balance.

You will soon agree that our masseurs have the right attitude to serve you. Besides being polite and speaking some foreign languages, our goal is always your satisfaction!

Welfare in all dimensions

The way we see massage, the goal is not just some physical release. We like to see it as a whole treat for body and mind, since we can’t —and shouldn’t— separate the body from the emotional experience.

Please feel free to check our testimonials, some of them might help you choosing the right masseur or the right therapy.

It’s time for you to enjoy!

Out-call massage

For the time being in Valencia we can only offer you out-call massage to your hotel. We are currently interviewing masseurs who own a studio to welcome you.

The prices to serve you in your hotel room are exactly the same. Though please understand to serve Hotels on the airport area the masseur will ask you to cover his taxi expenses.

We are certain you’ll enjoy our service as exactly what you’re craving for!

Male masseurs in Valencia

We are interviewing the most handsome professional massage therapists in Valencia. Do you want to join our team as well?

There is a steady amount of massage requests in Valencia, so we need to cover the market demand by offering the highest quality professionals.

Gay massage Valencia

Gay massage Valencia

The profile our clients are looking for is the male in his 25-35 years of age. Facial beauty and sexy body are also relevant. To all these we add the need of the spontaneous talent for sensual communication. Ideally every masseur should have his own studio, well located in a central area of the city and of course offering the right ambiance for our highest level clients.

So if you happen to be this masseur with a nice studio you’ll probably serve many massages a week! Contact us!

Clients choosing Paco

Paco has many regular customers in Valencia, so he is visiting the city frequently. Don’t be shy and ask him about his availability!

He is this tall and strong bear. Besides, he is this expert daddy masseur. With him you’ll surely enjoy a very spicy session!

Paco can hire a hotel room if you prefer visiting him rather than welcoming him in your apartment.

Please contact Paco for more information!

Enjoy the friskiest gay massage in Valencia!

Gay life in Valencia

Valencia has the nightlife culture deep in its DNA. Though this Mediterranean city isn’t by any means pioneer in gay rights. Its population always is always electing politicians who are right wing.

So don’t expect all the true gay men to be totally out the closet. You’ll probably find some gay bars to choose from, scattered across different quarters in the city.

During the Summer the gay community likes to visit the beach. The most famous beaches are not only gay but also nudist. As Platja de la Devesa del Saler, Platja del Pinedo and Arbre del Gos.

“La Pepica” is the most typical paella restaurant you’ll find close to the Malvarrosa quarter. Be ready for some colourful one story houses and and “vintage” decorated —or never renovated— restaurants. That’s the pure flavour that the modern Valencia hasn’t been able to erase —fortunately!

And these are also areas where gay men like to stroll about.

As the Spanish legend goes, gay men in Valencia are quite well blessed and also passionate. But their special is a 15 minutes gig. So if you intend to enjoy for much longer time you’ll be better off with our massage sessions!

Do you have more questions about Valencia?

You will probably discuss many more myths with your masseur after the shower!

In the meantime, check Aaron and Paco. As we stated before, we are still looking for many new guys, so stay tuned!

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