Ultimate guide to gay massage

Ultimate guide to gay massage

Ultimate guide to gay massage

Ultimate guide to gay massage in Barcelona: all the relevant facts you need to know!

Ultimate guide to gay massage

Many men visiting Barcelona just decide on a short notice gay massage. While all others who like to plan ahead of time will have some additional benefits. The benefits of knowing what the massage scene looks like in Barcelona and the chance tor really compare among different quality levels and services.

A few warnings

Barcelona is a city not as big as other European capitals. Because we just have about 2 million inhabitants.

You’ll be able to find several options for one given kind of service, though not as many as Los Angeles, New York or Paris.

We just like to warn you about some masseurs, because there’s a number of impostors. We have seen our own pictures published —without permission— on websites we did not even know. By guys who are not us!

Many of our customers have reported us that those guys tried to trick them. These are a few negative inputs about our city. It just makes us very sad to see how guys use the hard work of other’s to make their living.

So be careful with too cheap massage prices. Common sense is not as common as it should be though. Please remember that impossible stuff is rare —and tricky! Barcelona is not an exception for miracles: simply they don’t exist.

Our guarantees

We are a legal company. This means we pay taxes, we have licenses, pay insurances and accountants. We are also subject to many different rules of best practice —which is a pleasure to us! So there are many objective reasons for our prices. Offering the best quality in massage is just the start. Additionally, running a legal service is more expensive than tricking people. Finally, we also care about your safety!

Because there is much more, and it should be what you’re looking for. We focus on all of these aspects we think that are extremely relevant.

  • Real masseur profiles
  • Best practices
  • Real and recent pictures
  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Hygiene
  • Politeness
  • We speak several languages
  • Best quality
  • Service oriented
  • Discretion
  • Credit Card payment

If you go on reading our blog you’ll find many more quality aspects we cover.

Ultimate guide to gay massage: in-call

We have our own gay massage studio where we can welcome you. On this link you’ll find much more information about our massage clinic. The main goal are your safety while you enjoy!

Ultimate guide to gay massage: out-call

We never charge taxis or transportation fees.

Most noteworthy we are also the most reliable and discrete out-call to hotels gay massage service in Barcelona and Madrid.

Because discretion, politeness and the nicest sympathy is relevant to gentlemen like you!

So call us anytime!

Paco: +34676648226

If we happen to be booked out please have another option for your appointment with us. Both about the masseur and the timing. We will be very happy to serve you!

You can also check us for short notice gay massage!

Ultimate guide to gay massage: masseurs

We are a team of very different masseurs. Different in all aspects though: from the 25 old Yamal to the young daddy Paco.

Also from smooth to hairy, from spiritual to extremely carnal. It’s your choice!

And Jorge and John are your men if you worship XXXL tools! Gay escorts in Barcelona.


Finally, these are the prices for the safest and best quality service:

You can also choose among other affordable gay massage prices if you call us on the phone.


Many men though think that reviews from previous clients are relevant. We are earning the best awesome massage testimonials in Barcelona. We are the most popular gay massage service. Consequently, we are the best value team as well.

Book your gay massage

Additionally, the booking process is as easy as this: call now and ask us everything you need to know. Once you know you want to hire us, just let us know the timing and the perfect place for you.

Contact me!

You can use this same phone number for SMS, Telegram and whatsApp messages as well!

See you soon!

Holidays in Sitges

Many guys are spending a few days in Sitges. Good news! If you are in the group who doesn’t want to visit Barcelona we can also serve you, right in your place!

Gay massage in Sitges!

Gay massage in Madrid

If you are in Madrid please visit gay massage in Madrid.

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