Two in one massage is the new blending of stimulations

Two in one massage

Two in one massage is the new blending of stimulations

Two in one massage has a very interesting meaning as you’ll immediately see. Because it means enjoying a massage plus some kind of more intense stimulation during the same session.

Doesn’t it sound sexy?

“I hired you because there are many masseurs out there who don’t know a word of massage. They are plain escorts. I want something more than just massage though!”

Yep, you found the right team!

“You also gave me something a regular masseur is usually unwilling to do. Sensuality, tenderness… until I couldn’t hold back!”

Did you know you can choose your masseur? Scroll down to check all the available masseurs!

As you can see, the benefits of gay bodywork can go much further as in therapy or legitimate massage. Exactly to match your expectations.

So go on reading!

What is “two in one massage”

We are professional therapists and we also have the hot approach and the sexy attitude necessary for this.

“You are extremely talented to blend real massage with sensuality!”

Please feel free to read many more testimonials or what our clients say about us!

Because erotic bodywork needs mastering as many techniques as possible. Don’t forget the spicy attitude is also extremely relevant.

So this is why we call it “two in one”. It is massage and it is also a very hot and exciting experience. The one that will take you to the edge of climax. And we know all your spots and the trigger points for pleasure!

The best bodywork for gay men

Gay men love massage. Though remember you’ll surely give up massage if you choose an escort. Some other times we give up the sexy stuff by going just the regular legitimate therapy.

Deep tissue therapies are okay. But not always. Because today might be the day you feel horny. Time for a two in one experience!

Soft tissue means the skin contact is warmer. Since sweetness is also tenderness, the sensual energies can feel stimulated in a much more intense way.

This is when sensual excitement comes into place.

Sensual grips

Body to body contact can be a very hot and stimulating experience. You’ll be able to feel a very intimate connection with your masseur.

We are also using some other grips:

These are just a bunch of them. For curious gentlemen, I also cover fetish massage specials on this other post.

Two in one massage and more gay masseurs

Though I am Paco, the guy running this website, you are not limited to choosing me!

Fortunately there are some professional masseurs advertising on this website. I encourage you to check them!

Please see the exclusive gay masseurs. As you’ll see, different ages, different body types and also different talents, specials and skills. Besides, each of them is unique!

Erotic bodywork prices

You can also choose among a variety of “erotic temperatures”. There are additionally different session lengths.

Available session times:

  • 60 minutes sessions
  • 75 minutes sessions
  • 90 minutes sessions
  • 120 minutes sessions

We recently added the shorter Express menus for men with a tight schedule! Please contact us to ask about its!

  • 45 minutes
  • 30 minutes

Sessions by erotic intensity:

Check them all and make your choice!

I recently added the Fusion Tantra experience. What is it all about? Spoiler: it is the most requested “extra” by the clients.

See what other guys say about us!

Are testimonials relevant to you? Just have a look!

What does a session like this feel like? We have already published real massage sessions, described as erotic stories!

Two in one massage: In-call and out-call

All the prices are exactly the same for in-call and outcall service. Yes, you save the taxis if you call us to your hotel room in the Barcelona city area!

Book your best gay bodywork!

It is as easy as calling us! If you have any questions please let us know. I will be very happy to serve you!

Erotic massage for gay men in Madrid

See you soon!

Two in one massage
Two in one massage

On a funny note, and as a client commented, the two in one concept is a little bit as the Russian Matryoshka.

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