Trustworthy masseur

Trustworthy masseur

Being a trustworthy masseur is an honor to me! Because this is what my clients say!

As you guess, it takes many years of effort to achieve this valued badge!

All the customers who already met me know how I mean this. Please don’t understand it as a lack of humbleness. It is a very objective statement. And I can only say it because my customers do.

“I’m used to guys who show up late —if they ever do. I’ve also seen too many guys selling a service they have no training for. Fake pictures are also very frequent. Though I knew I was in good hands even before meeting you. Just look at this website!”

Trustworthy masseur

When I decided to offer my services of gay erotic massage in Barcelona I made up a list of assets. I wanted to meet all these conditions:

  • Punctual
  • Honest
  • Reliable
  • Professional
  • Clean
  • Flexible

In one word: “trustworthy”.

The kind of professional that does not let you down. Whenever I accept an appointment, I stick to it.

“I was traveling with my best friend. I set up an appointment with you because I needed your massage badly. Out of the blue, he got jealous. He then contacted you offering more money. You declined and sticked to the appointment you had with me. This speaks a lot about you and your values”.

Sensual assets

Those conditions are about the way I’m offering my professional service though. There are some other assets that I believe are absolutely necessary even before I set up my business:

  • Talent for erotic massage
  • Sensual attitude
  • Will to serve men of all kinds
  • Practising sports to offer a trained, healthy and sexy body
  • Extremely relevant care of personal hygiene
  • Honesty: showing my face and full body

As you already saw, there are many masseurs offering their sensual bodywork. Just showing a little part of their body though. Sometimes not even their face. In my opinion, honesty is absolutely required to offer these kind of intimate services. Masseurs who can’t show their face have other jobs to choose from. Because erotic masseurs should be willing to show their body and face.

Trustworthy masseur in Barcelona

I can understand all visitors to Barcelona very well. No matter if you are a businessmen or a tourist.

There are many recurring visitors though, for many reasons. A few of them tell me it’s the first time and they get easily lost. Using the Metro feels challenging. Finding a ATM might be an ordeal as well.

So I always try to help as much as I can. Or as much as you let me. I know there are also some limits. Because I never want to intrude your personal space.

“I don’t know anyone here. But the way you sounded on the phone I knew I could trust you. And you really got out of your way to make things as easy as possible”.

Trustworthy gay masseur

“There are so many fake gay masseurs out there. I need to know you’re exactly who you say you are. So I have the certainty you understand me and my needs”.

The need of money can change even the straightest men. I have met many guys who wanted to join my team of young gay masseurs. They say they are bisexual, but they are not. They want to make money at any price. So guess who’s the victim?

Visiting each other

I can visit you at your hotel as outcall massage. And you can also visit me at my gay massage studio! Whatever is best for you!

You can trust me. There is no trick. I am punctual, reliable and I am exactly the guy on the photo!

Flattering will take you everywhere

I’m not this kind though. I prefer honesty. This really takes you to the heart of the people you meet. Though the only way to stare in your friends’ hearts is keeping it this way.

You can only build trust on constance and perseverance. It’s also a matter of time.

If I can help you somehow please let me know. I’ll be very happy to answer any question!

Paco: +34676648226

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