True Tantra

True Tantra

True Tantra

True Tantra: does it really exist? Is it a myth? What is it all about? Who on Earth can say is practising True Tantra?

I’ve been finding many guys stating they are “the only guy” offering True Tantra on Earth. You will also be able to find some websites with a badge of “True Tantra”. Whatever a guild, an association or a business, before hiring them you should investigate a bit about it.

True Tantra

There is no universal definition about what True Tantra is about. Sometimes they also use the concept of “Real Tantra”. You know there is not a “true Burger” nor “real architecture”. Because as everything human, there are as many approaches to it as people on Earth.

What would you think if a lawyer says he is offering “true advocacy”?

Even the best Chefs on Earth don’t call themselves “true chefs”. No matter how many Michelin stars they have. Humbleness is always a virtue.

Especially marking oneself as the only one who does it may sound arrogant.

On the other hand, professionals need to differentiate from amateurs. Though amateurs are the first to need and abuse tags as “true” or “real”.

True Tantra types

What we certainly can do is tell the different categories of tantric massages.

Basically, the sensual are the erotic massages. While the spiritual ones can be limited to breathing techniques and Yoga postures. Because each Tantra masseur has his personal view. And each masseurs can legitimately decide how far he’s going in erotic practices.

Spiritual True Tantra

I only tried a “True Tantra” expert once. He was totally dressed up in jeans and a palm shirt —Miami style. As dressed as myself for the first half of the session time. Which took barely 50 minutes. After a 30 minutes interview about my sensual life, he started throwing little papers on top of me. He picked one of them and read a word. Some random term I instantly forgot because it was absolutely meaningless.

He said though that this had to be a clue-word about my inner self.

There was nothing happening in that session you could describe as skin contact. I always believed “massage” is about a professional touching the receiver’s body. Touch with some intention. To him the word “massage” was about talking and then putting me naked on top of a massage table. Of course I had no erection since there was no stimulation at all. Not even visual.

“You have no erection. So you must have sensual problems”.

He stated. Then he immediately finished the session. He told me I need like a dozen more tantric sessions with him. Because “Real Tantra” needs weekly appointments by dozens. And that was just the start.

“You know it is a slow process. Finding your own path in the Universe”.

Fake Tantra

On the other hand, there are many guys using the word “Tantra” to sell escort services. As in some Asian countries, where sex is offered under the word “massage”.

During the last years I found many Asian guys requesting a Tantra massage. Though what they really meant was anal penetration. As in “tantric sex”. Again, in the Western world “sex” and “massage” are different words to describe different practises.

If you read more posts on my blog you’ll see I’m always honest. I always try to use the right words. To explain what I’m really offering you.

Because I want to be very clear about the service I’m offering.

So what is my service about?

My personal Tantra

I guess I found the perfect balance between spirituality and sensual excitement. Ninety-nine percent of my customers say my personal blend of sex and spirituality is perfect. So just what they needed. Some of them call it sacred sex.

“You are not the gross guy who is selling undercover sex. You are a peaceful guy. Sexy, nice, clean and very expert in all erotic touches. Your massage has been the hottest I ever had! And the most fulfilling!”

Because spirituality and sensual excitement do get along very well!

“I feel so well now! In fact, looking for a cloud number! You give everything: the skin communication, the sensual communication, some patience and the will to share the perfect intimacy. You hit the target!”

This is not True Tantra

As a conclusion, I can only say I’m not the “true Tantra” guy. My personal blending is unique as you are. Maybe it’s the most requested erotic massage style, the one that feels most universal.

One guy once told me I’m “too mainstream”. What he did not know is he was the exception. Because some are only aiming to be the exceptional guy. To get something more expensive. Something an escort can offer them. Like these gay escorts are doing.

By the way, some different masseurs are advertising with m on this website. They are these amazing exclusive masseurs. Check them out, but don’t forget to read their profiles to see if what they offer is what you need. Or ask me about them!

Finally, I’d like you to check all the massage options I can offer you. From very calm and spiritual sessions to extremely erotic and almost sensual massages: interactive Tantric massage.

Any questions? please feel free to contact me. I will be very happy to answer you!

Contact me!

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