Treasure trail masseur

Treasure trail masseur

Treasure trail masseur

The treasure trail is one really fun and playful way to explore a male’s body. Following his hairline up North or down South.

Yep, the so-called treasure trail is this hairy line starting about the chest, following down the abdominal muscles, across or surrounding the belly button and reaching the pubic hair.

What is the treasure trail

The treasure trail is kind of drawn by the growing direction of the body hair, pointing in a way up or down vertically. It designs a sort of path on top of a male’s body. From the chest to the pubic hair.

Other ways to say “treasure trail”

There are several other ways people refer to this rare asset on a man. As “happy trail,” “tiger line,” or “garden path.”

It’s funny how you’ll also find different ways to call it in many other languages!

The sexy masseur

Meet Paco, this sexy and expert treasure trail masseur in Barcelona.

I am Paco, and I will be very happy to answer whatever questions about me and my erotic gay massage service.

Because men seeking for some sexy moments usually choose the body type that is most sensually appealing to them.

So my body is hairy and it happens to have this treasure trail as well. Not all hairy men have it, so I feel extremely proud and privileged to have it. Because it is a natural feature I guess no kind of surgery or implant has ever tried nor succeeded to copy.

Many of my customers tell me this:

“I chose you because I was looking for a treasure trail. They are so sexy to me! So once in Barcelona, why not hiring your services. I’m not looking for just the average hairy guy, or the average bear, but the hairy man with this specific asset. You also happen to be an amazing masseur!”

Anyway, there are many more exclusive masseurs who are equally sexy and extremely expert by serving gentlemen! Choose your one!

Why “treasure trail masseur”

Well it’s always about personal preferences. Or call it fetish, or call it the way you prefer men. To many guys a man with a treasure trail looks sexier than a shaven or waxed one though. This is as personal as intimacy. Usually men who like it do really like it a lot. When you like a lot something as specific as this for a sensual preference then we are speaking about fetish.

A fetish like this is something that can turn you on as hell. So it is something that will excite you sensually. And this is absolutely legitimate!

I am aware that many of my customers choose me because i fulfill some of their body preferences. Men attracted to hairy bears, strong guys, virile men and male masseurs are instantly seduced by my pictures.

Erotic massage is a lot about what you wish to feel on your body. But you will never choose a masseur just by his massage descriptions. You will probably feel very influenced by his pictures and his body type.

So I am your treasure trail masseur in Barcelona!

Sexy masseur

My massage feels very sensual and sexy anyway. Even if you don’t care about what I look like, you’ll equally enjoy my extremely intimate and spicy interactive tantric massage.

I serve men of all kinds 24 hours from monday to Sunday.

For more information and pictures please visit contact me now!

Big sexy hug!

More about me in Spanish on El Masaje Prohibido.

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