Ticklish massage

Ticklish massage

Ticklish massage

Ticklish massage is a specific kind of therapy or massage style that we can also include in the category of fetish massages.

What is Fetish massage

Fetish massages are the ones that focus on a very specific aspect that the receiver is demanding. Because fetish is a very special kind of stimulation a gentleman requires to achieve sensual pleasure. In fact it is so special that only a very small minority of gay men are requesting them.

There are probably as many fetishes as people on Earth. Since fetish implies they are uncommon practices. While there is a list of them that are well known. For instance high heels, bootlicking, suede and leather, golden showers, black lingerie, white underwear, speedos. And a very long etcetera list. Yet one of the most common fetish is the “voyeur”, the person who likes to watch other people having sex.

Consequently fetish massages are custom-taylored sessions adapted to a very personal of these specific requests. I can perform fetish massage as long as we discuss the details. I only accept performing them and only if I think I am able to promise your satisfaction.

Oftentimes the requests can be surprising. But exploring all these has given me an amazing range of experience throughout the years. I am open to almost all kind of requests, I always listen attentively to the person asking a special request. My answer can only be “yes” or “no”. Most of the times there is no compromise or no shades of grey. Whether I can do it or not.

Ticklish massage

Ticklish massage is just one of the fetish therapies customers ask me for. Though no the only. The men asking for it enjoy very much the combination of ticklish and erotic pleasure.

This is not the place and time to investigate this fetish’s origins, but in the meantime we can find out how it works and what a masseur like me can do!

My ticklish massage style adapts to many different requirements and paces. It also depends on the session time length you desire. There is a wide range of things we can practice during a session. Sessions can go from 45 moon utes to 2 hours —sometimes 3.

Usually the tickled massage receiver needs to be cuffed by hands and feet. This helps controlling his own reaction, and it feels more exciting on him.

Ticklish massage also has a protocol based on exploring different spots on your body. The use of this stimulation varies during the session. SInce I perform it in a way that feels like a “crescendo”.

How does ticklish massage work?

It gets more and more intense, and I gradually add up different stimulations. It can also end up with a multiple spots stimulation to prepare you for climax.

Not every man’s penis has a ticklish head or gland. This helps very much to intensify and concentrate the ticklish sensual stimulation. Because this way we can turn it to something erotic. And this can lead you  to a very desired, powerful and intense climax!

If getting ticklish is what you like, you will enjoy this massage very much. This blend of sensitive massage and tickling is an amazing experience that I also enjoy performing for your pleasure.

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See you soon in Barcelona!

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