Thrilling massage

Thrilling massage

Thrilling massage

“Thrilling massage” is a comment many customers send me in after their Tantra experience with me. What do they really mean though?

When is it a thrilling massage?

“I am a musician. People usually say they enjoy music by listening. When I’m playing on stage I can tell you music is not only something you can hear though. Because music seems to flow through your body. It vibrates. It thrills. And something similar is what I felt with your massage”.

“Well, your massage went way beyond my expectations. It felt like traveling in time. I did not want to come back to real life!”

“My tensions, my problems… I forgot everything about my life. So pure bliss! This is the true enjoyment I expect from sex, without having sex!”

“Yours is a thrilling massage. Because your touch and everything around me and my skin felt different, complete, abundant, sweet and caring. I’d say this is better than sex. Did I say that? Hell, no!”

Since each and every man has his own and personal expectations. Of course erotic massage is not sex. We all know it.

“You are blending the best of massage and the best of sex together in a blissful experience. Congratulations!”

Thrilling massage for straight men

“I was so afraid to be cheating on my wife! Since I have this curiosity for male on male intimacy I just decided on your services. Now I think this has been much worse than cheating. Because I felt an amazing connection to you. Very intimate, very sexual. I feel absolutely guilty. Though extremely satisfied”.

I am serving men of all kinds and orientations. In fact I never know who is going to be my next customer. Will it be you?

Recurring customers

Until they come back. I usually remember all of my customers for specific assets or emotional information. I do have a good memory. Even customers returning after years are surprised.

“You did not forget the kind of connection we had in my first massage. You remember all the buttons to push. I feel like your mistress!”

“Each and every session with you is different. Always very exciting, sometimes it feels like a whole new experience. I can never get used to feel pampered and taken care of. You also surprise me with new grips. This feels like evolving together”.

Erotic massage for gay men

“As a gay male I was used to dark rooms, sauna-baths and cruising areas. It’s not about saving money though. So after giving you a try I got addicted. I am saving a lot of time instead of wandering about and waiting for the right guy to cum for. With you I know what we are having at hand and you do an amazing job. Finally I feel safe in all departments, also when it comes to health”.

Believe i or not, I can’t see a man as an individual with a tag. Bisexual men, gay men, also straight men. Nope. Because we are quite fluid and come across different situations in life. Our emotional life, our business and even the places we have to travel to leave tracks on our soul. We change.

So sexual practices might also be changing with time.

Along one man’s life you will see him falling in love, building a family, having a mistress. Maybe filing divorce, dating like crazy again, and even testing things about sex he never thought before he would.

So what is your story? What is your next station in life?

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