The massage I needed

The massage I needed

The massage I needed

“This is exactly the massage I needed! Thank you!”

Was this customer’s last word after finishing our two hours massage session.

Two hours massages sound exhausting to all my colleagues. They say this is a too long massage for it to be “just a massage”.

“Are you sure what you are doing is just a massage?”

Of course I am. And this is exactly what my customer wanted to have.

“I could have hired a rent boy. But I don’t like these too obvious sexual stuff. I wanted exactly what you did —what we did”.

Could you be more specific, please?

Describing the massage I needed

“What I needed was a non stressed time together with a masculine man. I like hairy men, strong men. For some reason I also prefer uncut men”.

And what about the massage style?

“Foreplay massage is my biggest fetish. It is hard to find partners for sex who share this interest. Everybody in the gay scene is on “quickies”. I like to take my time, I enjoy going through a variety of positions and games”.

We did different kinds of sensual and sexual stimulations.

The massage I needed: styles

Massage styles or massage grips are involving several anatomy parts. Not just cervical, shoulders, back, kidneys, calves and feet. But of course I also work on them.

As a masseur I am usually working on your whole anatomy. From head to toes —literally!

But erotic massage involves some specific erotic spots.

Among some other… you’ll enjoy them with me!

Not just the spots though! There is much more to erotic Tantra bodywork!

“I found one very relevant aspect in your job: your attitude. And your talent for being as natural as sexy. Escorts always do this fake moaning, fake pleasure and fake smile. Your expressions are honest and genuine. You are not faking anything here”.

Male on male: the massage I needed

“This is exactly what I wanted. Not an escort but a wise guy with some experience in serving men. You lead the session from the start, and it all felt absolutely spontaneous. I guess though that you have a plan or a structured protocol. Anyway, this is exactly the massage I needed!”

Happy customers make me happy too! I feel my main goal is accomplished: your pleasure.

Please feel free to explore my website. Check many other informations and descriptions about my erotic bodywork for men in Barcelona gay:

See you in Barcelona!

Paco: +34676648226

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