The four best masseurs in Barcelona

The four best masseurs in Barcelona

The four best masseurs in Barcelona

The four best masseurs in Barcelona are Paco, Matt, Tyson and Jack. Sorry to spoil you already at the beginning of this blog entry!

Though many guys are telling us that Leo and Angelo are also amazing! They joined us recently but they are already very requested!

There is much more to say about each one of them though! So stay tuned and go on reading! Because each one of them has his special assets.

Gay massage Barcelona

The four of us understand gay massage as much more than just a therapy massage though. Because gay men absolutely love sensuality and eroticism.

All of the therapy masseurs in Barcelona are always complaining about gay customers “asking for more”. Well, this is in our nature.

And this is also why there are three groups of masseurs:

  • Legitimate gay masseurs
  • Erotic gay masseurs
  • Straight masseurs

As you guess, the legitimate massage has no goal of creating a sensual moment. So a “white massage” will never include your intimate parts. Don’t expect to turn on your masseur either!

Legitimate gay masseurs and straight masseurs share exactly the same rules. So make sure to be choosing the right professional!

Erotic massage is what most of gay men really desire. So be honest with yourself and start here! Choose the kind of massage you really wish!

To make it much easier we are introducing you here to the four best masseurs in Barcelona. On top of being the best, we are serving gay men with really hot and sexy massages!

More about gay massage

So all of us are professional masseurs. We also have an excellent training in erotic bodywork. Though we go further and we also want to share some extremely sexy sensuality.

Beyond all this, we can also adapt to even more of your personal needs.

  • Gay massage studio
  • Outcall massage service

So we have a gay massage studio where you can visit us. This service is called in-call massage.

Outcall massage is when we travel to your location. Wherever you are: a hotel or a private apartment.

Any of the four best masseurs in Barcelona can offer both options.

Now let’s get back to review the four best masseurs in Barcelona!

Tyson gay massage Barcelona

Tyson is this black male masseur coming from the Caribbean. He is tall, strong, masculine and very expert in erotic tantric massage. Tyson’s skin is absolutely smooth and silky. Tyson is extremely well endowed. Ask him for his amazing naked massage!

Fred gay massage Barcelona

Fred is currently not available. Stay tuned and check regularly! We hope to have him back soon!

Fred is something else! He is a caucasian young Brazilian. Though Fred is much more on the sexual side of massage. So he is open to oral sex and much more! Please make sure to check with us his specific prices if you wish to enjoy much more than massage!

Like’m shy? Because Fred is a shy guy, not too talkative. Because he really focuses in body language. His sensual massage is absolutely amazing!

Fred is one of our young gay masseurs in Barcelona. He is also extremely well endowed. Together with Matt he is earning very passionate reviews as this:

“Fred was hard the whole 90 minutes of our session. Amazing! So he turned me on like hell. I did not believe he can be better than Matt, but he is indeed!”

Matt gay massage Barcelona

This extremely well endowed Spanish masseur is very popular among our customers. His humungous tool is worshipped by so many guys from around the world!

Matt has a wide range of talents for erotic bodywork. He is able to create an amazing romantic experience. Besides, he shares Fred’s talents for oral job and much more!

You are welcomed to check his personal website at

Matt is also one of our young gay masseurs in Barcelona.

Paco gay massage Barcelona

Last but not least, Paco is the most expert masseur in Barcelona. Since he is the daddy masseur in Barcelona he has the biggest experience in serving erotic massage to all sorts of men.

Paco is a hairy masseur. Well built, strong and tall. Some call him the hunk masseur in Barcelona.

Despite all of these absolutely virile and passionate assets, Paco can be very sweet and caring. Most of his customers tell him he is the incarnation of the most elegant eroticism on Earth.

Tantric massage for gay men is a very special massage style though. To achieve excellence in this special bodywork you need much more than just some very expensive training. You need expertise. This means more than ten years of professional practise of this job.

And this is exactly what Paco can offer you. Paco is a full time erotic masseur.

Four best masseurs in Barcelona

Finally, let’s offer you even more information. Maybe you have more questions about our talents? Then please call us! We will be very happy to answer! And of course to serve you!

Paco: +34676648226

Go on exploring our website:

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