The best or nothing

the best or nothing

The best or nothing

Most of my customers want just the best. As I do. Less quality is not an option, not even speaking about gay massage. They want me “the best or nothing“.

The best or nothing

My focus is always quality. In all aspects all around the service I’m offering though. Because a man on man massage is not only the moment we touch each other. There’s much more. And it also does not end when the massage time is over.

There is a before the massage, a during the massage and an after the massage session. And to me it all has to be perfect for you at all times. My goal is your satisfaction.

Do you want to have the best or nothing?

The best information

Whatever you need to know about my massage service is relevant to me. Just ask me. I will try my best to answer in as much detail as you need. Not just to seduce you but so you can make your best decision. Because you are used to the best or nothing.

The best service

Everything needed to perform your best massage experience will be done in the highest quality. There are a lot of aspects to have in mind for a masseur to excel in his job. From one use paper sheets for the massage surface to the best quality massage oil. Starting with your one use paper slippers in my gay massage studio. Finishing with the smoothest massage cream I’ll use on your feet.

You can easily get used to the best or nothing though!

The best massage

But all these are useless if the massage in itself does not have the quality you expect it to have. So the massage best quality is the starting point of my service.

Hence my goal is building a wonderful experience for you all around the massage. You’ll feel spoiled even after the massage is over. Get addicted to the best or nothing.

After the best massage

Nobody thinks about what is happening after the massage is over. While there is still some time spent together. And this is relevant to me. I can offer a discrete and polite conversation. Though I am not a noisy guy and will not ask about your personal or private stuff. Because there are many more subjects to talk about —if you wish to.

Discretion is also relevant. Because I can understand the silent guys who really are not here for the chit-chat.

When the massage is taking place in your hotel room I don’t waste your hotel amenities though. I bring my own stuff because I respect your use of the hotel services. I will carefully dispose the used paper blankets. So I will leave your room as I found it when you opened the door for me.

Do you have any question? Just call or write. I’ll be happy to answer and provide the information you need.

Paco: +34676648226

More contact options.

Find even more information about prices and services here:

See you inn Barcelona!

Just remember: the best or nothing.  Also when it comes to massage.

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