Teddy bear massage

Teddy bear massage

Teddy bear massage has been present in my life ever since. And I am constantly having many requests to use all kinds of fur and toys. Yes, to perform my erotic massage.

It may sound special. Though is as special and as unique as the gentlemen who have these fantasies.

Teddy bear massage and trust

More and more men are disclosing their most intimate desires and erotic fantasies.

I guess they speak about this because they feel they can trust me. They have been laughed out by many other masseurs. And even by their closest friends. That’s not me. I am taking intimate preferences very seriously!

Teddy bear massage

Depending on how you want it to have, Teddy bear massage can also be a kind of role-play. Fur fetish as well! Some men want the fur bear to be an independent actor who has his own personality.

Erotic massage is an amazing world. It never stops growing in all directions. Fetish can take the whole 360 degrees in all dimensions, creating a whole planet of different approaches to sensuality, eroticism and sexual fantasies.

You are a unique man. I am a unique man. We all have different and personal desires that need to be respected.

And of course we need to fulfil them sometime.

I can make come true many an erotic fantasy.

Fur fetish massage

Sensuality and eroticism is connected to fur to some men. Many more than we all can think of. And fur toys as bears, dogs or whatever kind of being.

We don’t feel surprised when we hear about role-play, speedo fetish, leather or high heels.

Teddy bears and fur fetish

Playing with teddy bears is also a game for adults. A teddy bear can have his own personality and “his own way to perform a massage” or a sensual game on you. After all we are used to see all kinds of animated Hollywood movies. They do think, speak and act as human beings.

And a teddy bear is also capable of creating and sharing. Sharing sensuality and even playing some sexual games. You can do it yourself home alone, or you can ask me to perform it for you. Using exactly the teddy bear or the fur toy you fancy. This is a very personal fetish!

Being alone doesn’t feel as sharing. It’s time now to go one step further.

Gay teddy bear massage

Gay teddy bear massage is about using a fur toy to perform a massage on you. The toy will be impersonating an erotic masseur as myself, and you will think the teddy is the one giving you an amazing massage. The bear or the elk will stimulate you in a long and exciting manner. For your pleasure.

The massage protocol will adapt to your personal preferences. We will speak about it if you wish. Or I can guess and improvise if you feel you don’t want to verbalise your most private fantasies.

We can also use your personal teddy bear. Or you can ask me to buy one for you.

You are welcomed to visit me at my studio in the city center of Barcelona. And I can also come to your own apartment or hotel room.

Anytime 24 hours!

It is always best to plan ahead of time though!

Your right to be unique

As gay men we are as free to be unique as anybody else. We don’t even need to share with family nor with close friends no kind of information about our personal fetishes. Sometimes not even our LTR is able to understand our most intimate fantasies and desires.

Especially our universe of emotion and sensuality is a private territory we all have the right to disclose according to our personal sense of safety, comfort zone and personal convictions.

Limits of teddy bear massage

I’m never trying to investigate the origins of no personal preference. Honestly, I am accepting you the way you are. To me whatever sensual preferences are legitimate and need no explanation. They are an expression of your personal freedom.

To me there is nothing non legitimate in gay massage, fetish massage or teddy bear massage nor in the use of other kinds of objects as dildos.

My only limits are mutual respect, your dignity, my dignity, respect for life and peace. I will never include nor mention unwilling third persons in our private massages.

Violence is something I never accept. Nor in my private life nor in the performing of my job.

Now you are aware of all this, it’s time to enjoy!

Contact your bear masseur

Questions? Suggestions? All absolutely welcomed!

Finally, your phone call is the best to understand each other leaving no doubts as for your most special requests.

Paco: +34 676 648 226

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