The new TantraTouch gay massage

TantraTouch gay massage

The new TantraTouch gay massage

Not too long ago TantraTouch gay massage in Barcelona was the best place to enjoy an amazing erotic Tantra massage. Paco welcomes you now at his new gay massage studio in Barcelona.

TantraTouch has always been the best tantric massage studio. Both for straight and for gay men. This is the enterprise that boost my knowledge and my professional engagement in erotic tantric massages. So I only have words of thankfulness for them. Unfortunately this enterprise does not exist anymore.

TantraTouch gay massage

Many customers visited me at TantraTouch’s premises on Calle Balmes. All of them kept following me to all the new massage studios where I have been serving. Many of those men remember fondly their first massage with me.

“You also offered other massages with other prices. What happened to those therapies?”.

This is one of the most frequent questions. The answer is very easy. Customers tend to like the best quality massages. Though also the erotically most intense massages.

Those lower intensity massages have been abandoned since a very few amount of men want them. By “very few” I mean a 1-5%.

Though time acts as a filter. So months and years had the job to discard those less popular massage therapies. So what’s ruling now? Only the sexiest massages and the most daring massage therapies. Also the longest sessions are the ones everybody wants to enjoy.

The new Tantra Fusion

Now I can see a very clear path. Since I started working as tantric masseur in 2003 until today the customers’ demand has moved to a very clear direction.

The trend is the higher and higher erotic intensity. In fact, the trend is about getting as close to sex as it gets.

Of course I need to set some limits. Mainly because I want nobody to be confused about my job! Starting with myself of course.

While many therapy masseurs gradually switched to erotic masseurs. Then some of those those erotic masseurs also have moved on to the escorts business.

I really don’t want to transform my job that far! So I decided to offer some extras which I don’t see as massage grips. I don’t see anything negative in these additional services though.

So you can describe it as new features instead as a new job!

Please feel free to check my new post about Tantra Fusion! You’ll find out almost everything you need to know about this new massage menu!

Low intensity Tantra

Now I see those menus as an experiment. True Tantra on the massage table, using only my hands, sounds tacky now. Everybody wants to be naked. Because most of my customers also like to feel my naked body and be able to caress me back.

TantraTouch gay massage did not allow me to perform naked massages on their premises. Back then I could only do this when serving hotels as out-call massage service.

“Your massages have been evolving to something more intimate, sexier and more satisfying”.

This is what another customer wrote on an e-mail to me. Yes, I guess this is the clue.

“And your prices are still the same. Every time I call back I expect to see some higher pricing, but you still keep them. I can only be thankful for your humbleness and the amazing experiences we have shared”.

Yes I’m keeping the same prices. I just got rid of the basic and “boring” massages. So I’m concentrating on delivering the best and the most intimate and hot massage sessions.

Here you will find some additional information about the true tantric massage for gay men: El Masaje Prohibido.

TantraTouch gay massage team

Back then we were three male masseurs at TantraTouch: Tyson, Alek and me. We are still working as free-lance masseurs.

Tyson quite this business, while Alek moved to Madrid.

Though my team has been growing! My team in Barcelona is also about young gay masseurs. So you will find a masseur for a wider range of tastes. Smooth, young, defined.

Since many gay couples prefer to have two masseurs I always can offer you several options.

Check all the options about gay couples massage in Barcelona!

And we are also ready for even more daring practices, as the ones Jorge is offering: Gay Escorts.

If you also have any thought you’d like to share just contact me. I will be happy to answer you!

Contact me!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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