Tantra script

Tantra script

Tantra script

Tantra script is something similar to the Tantra protocol I wrote about some time ago.

I think everybody knows what a script is. Though let’s just say it is a written sequence of smaller events and facts. So when we speak about massage, it is not just about events but also grips.

The most relevant aspects though are the right attitude.

Follow me to learn a bit more about gay tantric massage!

Massage and Tantra script

Tantric massage are about a very special combination. Because blending spirituality with the carnal desire of eroticism is something daring to many men!

And this is the most special feature of everything Tantra. It’s hard to imagine how you can perform a very sensual massage using also a very spiritual attitude.

The result is this amazing experience. It’s difficult to tag it as “sinful“. But you´ll obviously say it is sensually exciting!

Since it is a massage there is a lot going on as bodywork. But there’s still much more to it!

Gay Tantra massage

Gay men love sexy stuff! After a few years of practising traditional Tantra I found out that real Tantra is not satisfying most of gay men.

So I started adapting the tantric massage to something spicier, exactly what a gay man expects of a sensual massage. The highest quality massage, of course!

This means I had to adapt the Tantra script to gay men. Rather than forcing gay men to understand what Tantra is.

Because when a man needs some erotic bodywork you can’t force him to change his mind. Nor to listen about some freaky ideas.

Tantra script sequence

On a previous post I talked about the spontaneous Tantra protocol. I believe this is the best and most personal way to perform it. Because we are talking about a very personal and intimate experience here. Let me stress “intimate” also means “unique” to me.

The following is not the full sequence. Though they are relevant grips.

These are all happening in a very special sequence that varies from man to man. And in different rhythms depending on your own energies. Or call it “wave-length”?

Attitude versus script

I am using the word “attitude” here not as a bad or arrogant behaviour. So not like in “give me some attitude”. It is more about creating the right mood and the right pace for the session to work.

Recently I found out the word “chemistry” is easy to understand to everybody.

Sexual chemistry is relevant to build up the right mood and the atmosphere.

You can hardly script the aspects about the ambience and chemistry though. This is why I believe the attitude is so relevant.

  • The will to please
  • Control over the situation
  • Create confidence

All these are difficult for beginners, though extremely easy if you have some experience.

Since every man is unique, there is no common scripting for this aspect of erotic massage.

Spontaneous Tantra

Before you can perform a really spontaneous erotic massage session you need some practice. The more amount of years the better!

Many customers mention the word “talent“.

You got this natural talent for your job. It feels all so natural, as we met many times before”.

Somewhere I heard that “intuition” does not exist. It is a guess based on experience instead.

Then let’s call it however you like!

Do you have any questions?

Here you can also choose among many different exclusive masseurs.

Please call me to discuss the information you need about my service!

Paco: contact me!

Some men prefer having the full service instead of massage. So allow me to suggest my fellow masseurs Tom, Leo, Benito and Matt: www.gay-massage.sexy

See you soon in Barcelona!

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