Tantra and awareness

Tantra and awareness

Tantra and awareness

Tantra and awareness come always hand in hand. It’s difficult to understand any sort of Tantra experience without self conscience.

So treat yourself and enjoy this amazing experience! Now you are in Barcelona!

Because the power of Tantra is precisely the awareness of “here and now”. And also “with whom”.

Tantra and awareness

You might find tons of information about Tantra. About its millenary traditions, even tips and tricks. The key concept that is always associated with Tantra is “awareness” or “conscience”.

In our daily lives we are seldom aware of what we are dong in any given moment. Because we hardly think about getting into the shower in the morning. Using the coffee machine is also a routine.

Lastly, many of the actions we perform during the day are almost automatic. Even checking the e-mail is a meaningless action. We don’t think about its protocol or string of actions anymore.

Giving some meaning to an action is awareness. So awareness needs our full attention.

Sex, Tantra and awareness

What happens when it comes to having sex with our partner? It might sometimes be even more automatic than when we are having it with somebody we just met. Does our LTR deserve this poor experience? Finally, what about yourself?

More often than not, new things or new people get more attention from us.

Or call it inertia. It’s time to break this trend though. So take over to the “next screen”!

Benefits of Tantra and awareness

The intimate act of sex or massage needs your full attention. The benefits are as obvious as all these:

  • A more intense enjoyment.
  • You will be able to connect with your partner.
  • Sharing intimacy.
  • Building upo some sexy chemistry.
  • Sex becomes communication.
  • Mutual satisfaction will be joyful.
  • Sexual satisfaction.

If you take all these to a gay erotic massage you’ll have an amazing Tantra massage as a result.

Choose your masseur

The attitude of the masseur you choose is also a key factor. You will be able to find a huge amount of masseurs online. Check as many as you can, absolutely!

Then focus on the key features each and every masseur is offering you. Who do you feel most attracted to? Do his massage descriptions awaken some goose bumps? Can you imagine yourself under his hands on in his arms?

Wr’d like to offer you the quality oriented gay massage directory of Barcelona.

Trust your intuition!

One advise though: don’t just look for the cheapest guys. Even a small amount of money can be a terrible waste. Look for quality and reliability.

If you need some more specific information about massage prices you are welcomed to call me. Paco.

See you in Barcelona!

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