Studio massage first

Studio massage first

Studio massage first

Studio massage first. There are many reasons to choose a studio over an out-call visit to your hotel. For instance because every man has his own preferences! And not only preferences. Also reasons. I can understand that trust is something you build over time.

This guy is not the first to tell me this. So I think it is a relevant subject. Maybe it deserves a post. So here goes!

“I need first need to trust you before letting you visit me in my hotel room”.

“Now I know you from a previous visit in your massage studio. So I dare welcoming you at my place”.

By the way, have a look at my new gay massage studio!

Studio massage first

Because avoiding risks is always necessary. Namely in al aspects of life!

“I had a very bad experience recently. Usually I didn’t think much about it. But this guy was dangerous. I didn’t feel safe during the massage. Until thank God he left and I finally felt relieved. Not to mention I wasn’t able to have a hard-on!”

There are many website out there with gay massage directories. There is no reliable test about those guys. Exactly the ones without reviews are the most dangerous. Besides, many directories allow the masseurs and gay escorts to remove negative reviews. So what’s the point?

In our case our team is made by advertisers who I know and choose personally. They are the real exclusive masseurs in Barcelona.

“Now I trust the guys who also have a studio. Because having a studio is a fact that speaks about professional guarantees”.

Gay escorts without a studio

There are many gay masseurs and gay escorts who don’t invest in a studio. They are the maximum expression of free-lancers. Maybe because many of them like to travel from one city to the next. So they don’t have a steady clientele. They just “burn” city after city, leaving a trail of deluded clients.

Though sometimes it’s the other way around. Their lifestyle is not the reason but the consequence. So the fact of not having recurring customers is forcing them to always move from one place to the other.

Investing in a massage studio

To run your own place you need some investing. And running your own studio needs a lot of money. Paying the rent, electricity, water and the many supplies is a huge bill every month. Not to mention buying furniture and paying taxes! But it pays when you have a clientele of loyal customers.

Loyal customers are not only local ones though.

“Every time I see the name Barcelona printed on my fight tickets I get extremely aroused. Because I know I will see you again! Your massage makes a big difference!”

“I know exactly that masseurs who have their own gay massage studio are professional”.

Having a masseur license is not enough to me. Because having a studio works as an additional guaranty for quality and reliability.

Your first choice: Gay studio massage

I get to serve many customers who come to my studio. The next time around, after having tried my work in my studio, they trust me totally. So they feel safe to call me to their hotel rooms as well.

“Your place is absolutely wonderful. Clean, spacious, totally equipped with everything you need for professional massage. Now I know you I also feel safe to call you to my hotel”.

Though many of them like to visit me at my place. Your preferences rule!

If you need any additional information please feel free to call me. I get out of my way to make you feel comfortable and safe. Besides serving you following your personal preferences!

Contact Paco here!

These are some of my massage menus:

  • Relaxing massage
  • Prostate massage
  • Naked massage
  • Tantra Fusion massage

If you prefer a male escort please check Jorge and his friends!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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