how to avoid Stressful Ibiza

Stressful Ibiza

how to avoid Stressful Ibiza

Stressful Ibiza sounds like an oxymoron. Ibiza should be a synonym for peace, relax and calm. Away from the annoying city noise, right?

In fact, most of the visitors are on a getaway far away from stress. The sun, the beaches, the nice chill-out bars and the beautiful villas.

So Ibiza should be like the paradise we are craving for.

But there’s always a “but”…

Stressful Ibiza

Ibiza gets extremely crowded during the Summer season. While in the Winter, as you guess, it feels desert like an abandoned Wild West city.

For each citizen living in Ibiza the Hotel Industry is welcoming more than 60 tourists. The facts are: the population is about 50.000 inhabitants. While tourists were more than 3 millions during 2017.

This means that all of the infrastructures, as the airport, need to adapt to an overwhelming traffic. Though just during less of half the months a year. That’s how Ibiza really works.

Let’s go on with the contradictions.

Stressful Ibiza: the facts

Both Ibiza’s inhabitants and the tourists suffer from this almost unbearable demand. And these values are increasing year by year.

Such a small island for so many people and so many things happening! You guessed it. It becomes stressful.

Entrepreneurs in Ibiza have a limited window of opportunity to make money. So they need to concentrate on Summer. Consequently the goal is serving as many people as possible. No matter how?

Now let’s get to the point of this post.

What are all the services you will feel as not working or extremely stressful?

These are the 5 most stressful services in Ibiza.

The airport

Arrivals, but especially outgoing flights suffer from very long lines. Police control and also delays are the constant problem. On top of that, many airlines operating Ibiza are low cost, which have a hard time to guarantee punctuality.

The taxis

The worst on Ibiza are the taxis. As expensive or more than in Barcelona, they are constantly booked out. Not even phone services provide enough taxis for the highest demand.

The reason is also the fact that Winter is more than slow, non-existing. And taxi drivers can’t operate with the same license in other cities.

Other parallel services are also booked out. Call it Uber or private drivers.

Night clubs

Pacha, Privilege, Amnesia and other clubs also suffer from endless lines.This is the reason for traffic jams around these venues.

No parking lots, no taxis either when you wish to get back home.

The price of having fun is sometimes a stress challenge, not just money.


Access to the most popular beaches is sometimes difficult. Also the few parking facilities make it extremely hard. Especially under the sun! You’ll have the feeling of burning skin while you walk the sand paths to the beach.

The best places on every beach will be taken quite early in the morning. That’s another stress factor. Paradise? What paradise?

Gay men who value real quality prefer Fomentera instead. Because its higher prices are discouraging for massage and low-cost tourism.


Every year there’s a trendy place everybody needs to go. Some of them need reservations days ahead!

Anyway, around dinner time every terrace and every restaurant gets crowded. Sometimes it can be frustrating. You see all the places are packed and you don’t seem to find any other options.

Stressful Ibiza

So how to avoid stress in Ibiza? Is there any trick? I guess the answer is right in yourself.

We get many calls every day from Ibiza asking for our massage services in IBIZA.

Though why do we speak about stress? Because the most frequent request goes like this:

“Hi, I want a massage NOW”.

“Can you give us like 45 minutes to get to your door?”

“No. I can give you 10 minutes maximum”.

So 90% of potential customers are unable to wait for our arrival. Which doesn’t take even 30 minutes. We wonder if they ever get somebody that quick! Most probably other services are lying about the real ETA.

If you have in mind how difficult it is to get a cab! And not all hotels and apartments are concentrated in one spot. We are usually serving a very broad area if not the whole island.

Stressful Ibiza and massage

One relevant goal of our massage is relaxation, calm and the ability to enjoy for a longer time.

Though this is absolutely impossible for most of our clients in Ibiza.

Hey, I got a dinner afterwards! I need you to come quickly and quickly finish the massage!”

Honestly, we can’t see the point.

The best reviews!

We achieve disconnecting your mind and your awareness for sensual joy after some 10-15 minutes of massage. After this time your mind usually gets into something like a trance. This is one of the Tantra magic!

After this point the sensual pleasure gets more and more intense. Many guys lose track of time, which is a really healing side effect.

Your massage matches completely the spirit of Ibiza! Sensual, beautiful and calm”.

This customer was living in a villa, far away from the crowds. And we think he is the perfect example of how you can enjoy our bodywork.


Once you are in Ibiza, you are about to experience so many wonderful things! Though the trick is planning everything having in mind how this island really works!

So call us ahead of time, ask for availability and make a reservation  ahead of time!

Call us now, we will be very happy to serve you!

Paco: contact me!

And forget about stress!

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Sometimes guys are also contacting us to ask for male masseurs in Ibiza. We are happy to help you out as well!

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