Straight masseur

Straight masseur

A Straight masseur seems to be difficult to find. Because many ladies call me to ask if I’m working also with a male masseur who likes to serve ladies.

Sure, No problem!

You also have three amazing options to choose from!

Why a straight masseur?

All men have their personal preferences. So a straight male masseur is a massage therapist who feels attracted to ladies. Call him an “heterosexual male” as well.

This is a relevant fact to many ladies. They need to feel the male therapist gets sexually aroused when serving them. Not that they want to cross the boundaries of massage though!

I have served many ladies since I started in erotic tantric massage. Most of them are extremely happy with the experience I perform though.

They tell me they feel safe with me since I’m gay. So I will not “sexually attack” them! Literally.

While some other ladies really have the fantasy to go further than just plain erotic massage. For these ladies I have some really exciting suggestions!

Straight masseur in Barcelona

Matt is serving gay men and ladies equally. Because he is a true bisexual masseur.

Though many ladies fear this is just a nice statement. So just to be polite, so not entirely honest. Matt loves women!

Check his personal website

I can understand some ladies wish to be served by a male who has never served massage on male customers.

And this is Esteban, the guy on the picture. His personal limits are very strict, so he will never serve a man. He never did and never will.

Esteban the straight masseur

Esteban is a very attractive and tall young man. Though very expert! All his female customers say he is amazing and he really knows how to treat a lady.

He is also working as an advertising model, as you can see on the picture. You have probably seen packaging items and first brand ads with his face. Not to mention his jaw-dropping body!

Esteban is a man’s man, but really sweet and seducing. I fell in love with his smile and his perfect body”.

Esteban is training weights on a daily basis. His body is astonishing. Absolutely muscular, defined and smooth.

Not to mention his amazing endowment.

Erotic straight masseur

Esteban is very proficient in erotic massage for ladies. No matter your age!

“I just love the female body and the female mind. I’m romantic and passionate!”

He is absolutely trustworthy. And always reliable and on time. Try him and find a new dimension in erotic massage for ladies!

Straight masseur for straight couples

We already said Esteban is never serving men, under no circumstances. So what happens if a straight couples wants to have an erotic massage?

Esteban can serve you and your husband bringing along a female masseuse. Please check his website and call the phone valet to find out all the options!

New straight masseur

Angelo recently joined our team. He is very tall, lean and defined. Though he is serving men to her his mother, he is genuinely straight. He is a gold mine suggestion to ladies who prefer young and fresh masseurs! Angelo is extremely passionate when he’s serving ladies.

Straight masseur

Please ask us for the specific pictures of Esteban, Dario and other straight masseurs in Spain!

We will be vey happy to help you!

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