Special and unique

Special and unique

Special and unique

“Special and unique”. I’m earning all sorts of comments and descriptions about my erotic tantric massage. So this is what this customer told me yesterday:

“The way you understand erotic massage is really special and unique. I had no similar massage ever, nowhere in the world”.

There are some reasons for this kind of reviews though. Do you want to know them?

Special and unique

“A pearl is always hard to find. This is why pearls and diamonds are so expensive and so valued. And I treasure uniqueness. Distinct things and assets. Not only on objects but also on services. And yours is absolutely stunning”.

Flattering reviews as this one are always welcomed, for sure! These are some very special and unique words as well. Each and every man has his own background, each and every gentlemen has had his previous experiences. We all have our personal scores about many aspects relevant to us.

“You are a unique man. Handsome, attractive, nice, but also very talented for this job. And this is not a frequent job though. Keep doing what you do best!”

Gay massage in Barcelona

“I was shocked when I used an online search engine to find me a gay masseur in Barcelona. There were tons of them. I felt too lazy to make a selection by checking all of them. So I just followed my instinct. I read the testimonials about you. And it proved to be all true and fair!”

“Why don’t you move to Miami?”

Barcelona is the city I was worn. I like to travel and I did know many places around the world. Germany and also Brazil are countries where I have been living more than two years in each. I learned many things about massage in Istanbul and also in Bangkok. Where am I going to move in the future? Heaven knows! These days I’m enjoying Barcelona.

“I need you in Dubai!”

Special and unique massage

Back in 2003 I had an additional training time when I was starting to work for TantraTouch. My trainers were young ladies. They were absolutely fierce, though only serving straight men. Ladies have a different sensual energy, namely a female energy. And gay men seek the male energy. So talk about alpha-men!

Back those days while I was being trained in Tantric massage my thoughts were these:

“Hell, this does not work on gay men. I know gay men and I really need to adapt Tantra to our specific taste”.

And this is what I did. This is why my tantric massage feels absolutely different. My job is not a robot performed copy and paste of some ancient protocols.

There must be a reason for every move and every grip in my bodywork. And the only goal is your sensual pleasure.

So this is how experience with thousands of gay men have taken me to a different place. No other gay maseeur works like I do.

“This is much better than Tantra!”

Some men told me.

“This is much better than regular erotic massage! In the United States masseurs do a different job though. And yours is really special!”

The sexy masseur

“I like bear-style men. Tall, strong, hairy masseur. Masculine please!”

So this is how I am and I just can’t help it.

“You know I have some special fetishes as well… I like uncut masseurs! Please excuse me if you think this is weird!”

I don’t think it’s weird! Honestly! I respect all kinds of preferences!

I also do understand men who like young masseurs as Matt.

Matt is mostly smooth, tattooed, also uncut and has this really huge XXL dick!

Special approach to Tantra massage

Erotic Tantra massage is a really special bodywork though! And you are welcomed to discover all the special features with me!

“The usual Tantra massage feels boring to me. But you give it a special and very sexy spark! Your personal style is elegant and unique!”

The unique experience

“I didn’t know exactly what I wanted. And either I did not know what to expect from your service. But I enjoyed it beyond limits! I just want it again soon!”

First time massage might feel risky for some men. Some others are more adventurous and just go with whatever they bump into. You can’t be wrong with me in either case!

“It’s hard to trust unknown guys in a strange city. I liked the way you sounded on the phone though and I was absolutely right! You offered me the sexy stuff I wanted!”

Just call me and let’s gro from there! Paco.

See you soon in Barcelona!

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