Soulful massage

Soulful massage

Soulful massage

Soulful massage is not a style but an attitude. You can give a soulful massage no matter the massage grips you are using.

While the masseur’s attitude is not always relevant to everybody. There are very special customers who value this!

“As an afro-american male I like soul-food. And soul-sex. And when it comes to massage I treasure mindful massage. You go further and deliver soulful massage. You are amazing! And unique. Don’t ever change!”

Soulful massage

I am passionate about my job as an erotic masseur. Massage is a job that needs some soul as well. So massage Mindfulness is not enough. Because it’s different when you go further and give yourself each and every second. Then you are using your job to achieve the higher status of soul masseur.

Not that I massage your soul but that I give a massage which has some deeper intent. So a much special massage session thats is meant to be meaningful.

Soulful massage made easy

“Your job is not easy. I mean you have to be serving guys of all kinds. And I guess you don’t always feel attracted to the guy at hand —no pun intended! I don’t see myself as an ugly guy. Though I am also aware I’m not the most attractive guy on earth. But you made me feel I was. Thank you for giving something a regular massage is not able to communicate!”

You made it really easy! It’s no just about how sexy you are though. How you feel, how you react, your thoughtfulness are also relevant! Thank you for helping me unfold the whole massage protocol in a very natural way!

Soulful massage in Barcelona

“I have had many massages in all kinds of places around the world. I used to visit a masseur in Barcelona for a long time. This time though I thought I’d give you a try. Thank you so much for your soulful massage. This is where you are making a true difference!”

Thank you so much for your nice words. I love my job and I love my clients to enjoy the entire massage time. Of course if I can make something for you to “take it away with you” believe me I’ll do it. Being satisfied after a massage is relevant to all of us. I also enjoy massage every now and then and this helps me putting myself into your skin.

Please check my full website. There is a lot of interesting information you can’t miss!

You also have the choice of young gay masseurs who are sometimes working with me.

And of course famous Matt, with his huge dick and his best friends Leo and Benito!

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