Our new slow sex means longer pleasure

Slow sex massage

Our new slow sex means longer pleasure

Slow sex massage is a new way to discover pleasure. Because this way you will find a new pace for a deeper communication and a longer lasting pleasure!

Please contact me if you need to discuss more details. Or go on reading!

Fast paced lives need slow sex

From the very minute we wake up and get up every morning we start a race against time. Because we need to achieve an amazing amount of small, medium and big tasks on a daily basis. Some of these tasks are repeated and we can manage to do them without any mindfulness nor effort. So empty are they?

Our efforts at the job are constant though never enough. We can’t seem to stop answering all kinds of messages, not even during the coffee break or during lunch. Either while having a conversation with our partners.

There is a limit for everything though. I was once told we all have a personal battery. Batteries do run down and die if we ignore all the warnings. Batteries’ level is constantly decreasing if we don’t re-charge them.

So we need to re-charge our life battery by charging ourselves with some quality time. And also with sensual energy. Because sensual energy is a relevant part of our core energies. Especially if sensuality is a relevant part in your system.

Slow sex massage

I am not an escort. So I can’t offer you the literal version of slow sex —as an escort would. But I can offer you slow sex massage. It is a very intimate massage style. We will take our time to connect.

Mindfulness, Tantra, awareness. What I like to call “a bubble in time and in your life”.

My slower pace massage will allow you to savor each and every grip, stroke, caress and stimulation.

Time will be on our side. Because the time bubble will grow bigger and bigger and you might loose track of time.

“I felt like in a trance. Seriously. Like floating on a sweet cotton cloud. There was no past and no future in my life. I focused so much on the present moment that I did not want it to finish”.

So we now call it “slow sex”. But the concept is very close to what we understand by “Tantric massage“. The awareness of here and now.

Knowing more about it means you need to live it up.

Gay men love it slow

Oftentimes gay men offer two very contradictory sides. I say this because I also speak to many men after our massage. And one frequent issue is sensuality.

Many gay men have sex in a very unconscious way. Let’s say in a robotic or mechanic way. Just “don’t think, just cum”. Cruising areas, dark rooms and saunas are packed with anxious men looking for some urgent satisfaction that is never achieved. Not even after climaxing several times with different men.

Though us gay men are also very aware of what we are doing and what we need to feel satisfied and balanced.

Slow sex massage in Barcelona

Now you are visiting Barcelona you have the chance to indulge in this very special experience.

Please check the naked massage therapies. They are the starting point to the most intimate sex massage —which you can order as a specific package. Please make sure to use whatsApp to contact us and discuss all the details.

You can have it in my gay massage studio or as outcall service to your hotel room. Prices are exactly the same. Because I want you to choose and decide freely. What is more convenient to you?

We also have a studio in Madrid. Please check Sebastian and contact us to make your reservation ahead of time!

How to order

It is as easy as sending me a whatsApp message with your request. You can use my private and direct cell number: contact me!

Anyway, make sure to check more contents about Tantra massage, fetish massage and other gay service I am offering on this professional website.

Other relevant contents are these shocking testimonials and the weirdest FAQs.

See you soon in Barcelona!

If you prefer this other sort of services please check gay escorts in Barcelona.

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