Skin to skin massage

Skin to skin massage

Skin to skin massage

Skin to skin massage is a very special experience. Because it feels way much better and more intimate than any regular massage!

As you know there’s a huge variety of massage styles. So massage therapies can be really different! Everyone is free to choose what he wants! In styles and also in their goals. Different goal, different techniques.

Consequently the different stimulations do have some differentiate effects on your body and also your mind.

There are many men asking me more and more frequently they wish to enjoy a very intimate skin to skin massage.

Is this m4m massage also including full body contact?

Therapists and skin to skin massage

On this website we are talking about Tantric massage and sensual therapies.

We are specialised in these also because it is difficult to find regular therapy masseurs who are willing to give it. While using more body parts than just the hands gets too intimate for many a therapy masseur.

Blame the social behaviour standards! Sometimes a masseur can be just shy. Other times masseurs are simply not willing to dive into a more intimate universe of service. So they are rejecting the performance of these sort of personal therapies.

Furthermore, many of them feel ashamed and fear being categorized as gigolos or gay escorts. There is a huge fear of being categorised as a prostitute.

Specialized skin to skin male masseur

I do not! Because I am used to deliver intimate massages with skin to skin contact.

Me and all the exclusive masseurs you can choose from as well.

It is relevant to have some strong emotional balance. My customers say I am a grounded guy. I know my 10+ years of job are very valuable. And my professional performance has helped me to face this intimate massage service. Also to men I have never seen before.

I have the talent to build up this intimate connection from zero in just a short while.

“It felt like we knew each other from years! You can do a really special magic!”

The specific attitude

So skin to skin massage requires a specific attitude from the masseur serving you. It is a kind of very sensual massage. Because it needs the genuine will to deliver a very sweet and tender connection to the receiver’s —your body.

It might sound hard to achieve if we have never met before though. But I really have the talent, the training and the skills to build up a very relaxing moment for you. Just in a couple of minutes.

Besides, I will be the one opening the door for you at my gay massage studio. Or the one who will knock at your room door in your hotel. Well, me or whoever you choose from the link above.

You can see me on the pictures while you are getting familiarized now with my written communication. You are welcomed to watch my video under the page “gay massage Video“.

Though you will start with some advantages over me because I have never seen you before. Nor felt your presence. But I am used to serve all kinds of men from all the cities of the world. Also from all religions and ideologies, ages and body types. I will be very happy to meet you too!

We will be alone in our room. I will also offer you a drink in my studio. In your hotel room I will prepare the surface of your bed. We will speak and you are free to tell me whatever you like about yourself, about your life or this specific moment in time.

You will watch me undressing. I will be naked or not depending on the massage menu you choose. Of course I can also offer you a very relaxing receiving massage.

Skin to skin massage

Skin to skin massage

Skin to skin is communication

Body language is a relevant aspect in my job. Of course we won’t be starting sharing some skin to skin full body contact out of the blue. Everything will happen in a gradual way, naturally and always according to your personal will and pace.

But sensual massage should not limit to just that physical aspect. I am able to sense your own wave-length and I will absolutely adapt to you. You will see how natural it feels! And how you will abandon yourself into a soft flow of movements and different kinds of soft skin stimulations.

From this point on many things will be happening. So I encourage you to discover it all by yourself. Not just to keep the secret but to take you into a journey you can’t guess right now.

You will feel safe, respected, pampered and taken care of. It is a very sweet and tender yet exciting therapy.

Ask me about whatever is bugging you! And visit my full website to find out more information.

Many guys tell me they have read my erotic stories on this very website. They are a perfect example of how one of my session feels. You’ll also “see” Matt and Jack in action! On the other hand, if you prefer the point of view of my clients, please check the testimonials.

See you soon in Barcelona!

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