Size matters for new masseurs

Penis size matters

Size matters for new masseurs

Size matters —though how much? How relevant is penis size for you? Is it just the length? Or is girth also something you have in mind? Well, in hands as well, no pun intended.

Penis size

The only common criteria to measure a male penis is when erect. The most difficult standard is soft penis. The reason is because there is no universal mathematic proportion between the flaccid and the erect size of penis.

“I am the typical no-shower but grower, as we call it in or gay slang in Miami”.

Medical News Today states that the average penis size when erect is 12,9 centimetres. So hardly 5.1 inches.

You will also find several maps with the different average penis sizes for all the countries of the world. African countries display the biggest penises on Earth. While Asian countries show the smallest. Again, this is just some statistics.

As you guess, there is a lot of myth involved, I have seen examples of extremely big penises on Asian men. And also small penises in black African men. And the opposite. The same is true for all other origins of the world.

Size matters —and worries

Sometimes I’m serving men who are very shy. They have a hard time undressing, and they try to hide their penis as long as possible.

While some guys tell me clearly to undress them, and they also want to undress me. Of course this is no problem for me. That happens mostly with guys —no matter size— who feel comfortable. They assume size is just a number. and everything works really fine!

So if there is no specific request I usually look away during the undressing moment.

Honestly I don’t care about my customers’ penis size. Though many guys think I do. Because I never judge a man for his physical assets. And sensual chemistry is a mystery, and I sometimes feel attracted to men who are not my type at all.

Yes, mutual attraction does happen during a massage!

Size matters —for massage as well

Erotic massage and tantric massage are intimate experiences. Because they deal with sensual chemistry and sensual pleasure.

So many men ask me for my penis size. Especially those who fancy the naked massage.

“Many of your fellow masseurs say they have XXXL dicks. And when you meet them they are far under average size! That’s frustrating, buddy. And a waste of time! Honesty is relevant to me, so please don’t magnify your blessing”.

This is an absolutely legitimate request. My customers and friends know I treasure honesty. Lies don’t take you anywhere not even close. Because the truth always ends up showing. And the dick as well —wink!

Humbleness is also a virtue I treasure. So please don’t take me as a narcissist. This is just some information piece a customer sent in:

“Paco I just love your dick! You have the perfect size! And I like the fact you are uncut and marking the veins. Besides, and what’s really relevant, you deliver an amazingly sexy massage!”

If you check each masseur’s profile you’ll see a star rating about many professional aspects. I encourage you to check it closely before ordering this or the other masseur!

Extra size matters: Benito, Dani, Jorge and the alpha males!

If you are a XXXL dick size worshipper you should not miss these guys! Please note that their services go far beyond erotic massage, so their prices are accordingly.

Just check them and many other talented masseurs here: exclusive masseurs.

You are also welcomed to check these gay escorts!

Size matters around the world

As you can see on the map, there are regions with a clear trend for sizes. We need to understand this as an average value, so this means you’ll find also the extreme and opposite dimensions. What do you thing about this map? Please feel free to comment on our Twitter content:

contact us.

Our hottest massage is the naked massage. During this session you are also allowed to touch all of our bodies —including penis!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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