Signature masseur

Signature masseur

Signature masseur

“You are a signature masseur. Because the way you do your is absolutely personal, unique and jaw-dropping.”

This is what a client told me recently after enjoying a massage. I never heard the words “signature masseur” before, so I had to ask him what this means. Though it sounded good judging by the smile on his face.

Signature masseur

“In the cuisine industry the media speak a lot about Catalan “signature cuisine”. We oftentimes forget that life is not about just food, drink, movies and cars. There should be a place to mention your amazing job.”

“You are a grounded guy. I also understand, as you say, that this is an intimate world that does not need any kind of publicity.”

My answer was exactly this. I don’t need any media publicity. My job is a discrete one —and I intend to keep it this way! My job of erotic massage involves your intimacy, so your privacy.

I try to build an oasis in your life to last as many hours as you ask from me. But far away from the world, away from trouble, noise and routine.

So we are alone in this small yet huge world. Alone, man on man, we can enjoy this sexy tenderness that is so rare in our lives.

Gay Signature masseur

“I have tried many erotic masseurs in Canada, in the States and around the world. There is some common stuff they all do.”

“Your job is astonishingly different. Because the combination of disciplines you are using is your personal blend. So I guess you have developed a very personal massage style.”

“This is your honest expression of yourself, from your own erotic world, your own private universe of sexy touch. In one word, it is your own body language of love.”

Gay Signature masseur Barcelona

“I feel very curious about other gay masseurs in Barcelona. So I guess I will try a bunch of them. I like to test different styles, not to miss a single hue in the infinite colors universe of massage.”

This is true, I guess. Many a customer are asking me “do you ever get massages? Where are you going? Do you have a favourite masseur in Barcelona?”.

I confess there is some frustration involved when we touch this subject. Because I am not able to feel what I give to my clients. Since what I learnt from my masters is different. So I never felt it before.

Somehow it is like writing some music. While others can hear the melody I will never be able to listen to it.

As this customer told me, I have a personal massage style. It has been evolving during the years though. I found a code of massage that is able to express all I have to give:

  • Sexy touch
  • Tenderness
  • Male touch
  • Rogue sweetness —literally, said by a customer
  • Confidence
  • Sexual arousal

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So welcome to my gay erotic massage in Barcelona!

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