Short notice gay massage

Short notice gay massage

Short notice gay massage

Short notice gay massage is when you just need to check the last minute availability of a masseur.

Why short notice gay massage?

As we say in Spain, “you don’t know if you don’t ask”.

So don’t take a “no” for granted. Try because only after trying you’ll know if your fears were justified or not!

Seems like there are many reasons to request a short notice gay massage:

  • A change in your schedule
  • You want to use this gap in your agenda
  • Massage just came to your mind
  • Somebody suggested me
  • The urging need to release
  • You are extremely horny
  • Delayed flight connection!
  • You can’t sleep
  • Curiosity: you used to be straight

There can be even more reasons though! These are just a bunch of the reasons I collected along the years.

Short notice gay massage

The sooner you call the sooner you’ll know. We’ll get out of our way to serve you anyway.

Can we serve you a last minute massage?

  • Yes, we will adapt to you
  • Even late night and midnight
  • Also after midnight
  • We can travel to your location

Just call to find out!

Short notice limits

There are some limits though. You will see all of these are logical.

  • Your location: am I to your hotel?
  • Free at this point? Still available to serve you?
  • Appointment time: not too late to open the studio just for you?

I think all these limits are about common sense. Besides, I know gentlemen are always able to understand these facts.

Short notice prices

The prices are always the same. Please check them here: massage prices.

Please understand that after midnight I can only serve the best naked massage of 60, 75 and 90 minutes though.

It’s also about common sense to understand that low cost massage are not available after midnight!

Book your short notice gay massage

Because it is as easy as calling me now!

Please don’t send me some e-mail though! We use e-mail for next day, next week and next month appointments only. This is also common sense!

To make it even faster, please send me an SMS with your details:

  • Hotel name with street address
  • Room number
  • Your name
  • Desired massage time length

I will probably confirm in the same minute. And I will be there as soon as possible. Sometimes I can even answer with ETA.

See you tonight!

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