Sexy masseur Barcelona

Sexy masseur Barcelona

Sexy masseur Barcelona

Looking for a sexy masseur Barcelona?

Because you just found him! Your expert masseur is called Paco. He is a mix though: he has the passionate approach to massage because of his spanish blood. And also the typical German assets: professional, responsible and perfectionist. Besides, he is a polite and well educated young daddy.

You can find updated reviews, testimonials and opinions about him as well.

There are more sexy masseurs in Paco’s team though!

Check Matt, Leo, Benito and Jack.

Sexy masseur Paco

So back to Paco. Because he is the first sexy masseur Barcelona.

He is 6’1 tall, weights 95 Kg and is a strong and hairy masculine young daddy. Exactly what you’ll call a well built masseur.

Paco is training weights 3 or 4 times a week and is therefore a balanced man. Besides, he takes good care of his body, nutrition and health. Relevant to him is dressing accordingly when visiting you at your hotel. Some say he looks like a technician coming to fix your laptop.

Paco usually wears a beard or a goatee.

“This guy is sexy. I know that looks are not relevant to choose a masseur. Furthermore he is offering erotic bodywork, so I need to feel some sensual attraction to the therapist serving me. So I chose him for his physical assets”.

Sexy “bear”-masseur

This sexy “bear” masseur has learnt different massage techniques around the world. He starred with Turkish Hammam service. Afterwards he was taught Tantric massage and erotic bodywork by a Turkish masseur in Istanbul.

During his time in Rio de Janeiro he learnt Thai techniques from an Asian masseuse. She was a cornerstone in his evolution to erotic massage. Because this lady introduced him to the secrets of more intimate and sensual massages. In Barcelona his masseur techniques have been perfected even more thanks to several masters in tantric massage. His time in Bangkok has also brought more specific techniques and wisdom to his range of massages.

Sexy masseur and erotic Tantra massage

Paco has been working as a Tantra and erotic masseur for several years. He is one of the most praised erotic gay masseurs in the world. Most of his customers always recommend him, so he is turning into a true “mouth of world” marketing phenomenon.

Because one of the most frequent comments he gets from his international customers sounds like this:

“My friend Xxxx recommended me your service as soon as he knew I was traveling to Barcelona. He’s damn right!”.

If you really wish to enjoy the hottest gay massage there’s no one better than Paco.

On top of this, you can easily contact Paco. By e-mail, cell phone, sms or ‘whatsApp’. Paco will be happy to answer whatever questions you have! And of course will serve you personally at your hotel.

Paco also has a gay massage studio in the city center of Barcelona. If in-call is your option, he´s the best choice! Because he has this silent, peaceful, elegant and clean massage studio!

You can also have a personal conversation with him in your hotel lobby. Maybe you feel the need to talk to him before taking a decision.

Paco understands that hiring a massage session in your room is some very intimate service and you may want to first make sure. This “casting” feature costs only 50 € and is included in the massage price if you finally enjoy his service.

No additional fees, no surprises, no tips required!

So please call Paco directly to his cellular phone.

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