Sexual fluidity

Sexual fluidity

Sexual fluidity

Sexual fluidity is not equal to classic bisexuality in a strict sense.

I’m speaking about this new term because many of my massage customers are expressing their surprise. They sometimes feel disoriented.

“Since I was a teenager I think I am straight. Suddenly I feel attracted to men. Does this make me gay?”

This man got in panic because his category system was no longer useful for his own feelings and desires.

I think he is a victim of the general categorising system. Human societies created a tagging system that is maybe outdated.

And he does not match into just one of them. Not even over time. So let’s say he feels “fluid”.

Sexual fluidity

So our classic categorising system is becoming outdated. Most of us no longer see ourselves as just “gay”, “bisexual” or “straight”.

I know it feels a bit difficult to change the way we are used to think about sexuality. Beyond thinking, the way we see our own reality.

In recent times I guess the most open-minded “formula” or “category” we had was “bisexuality”.

For decades many gay men stated they were “bisexual” —for some other reasons though.

“I only like men, but I didn’t want others to see me just like a limited man. Or as a faggot. Straight men could understand a man who was also dating ladies. Because this felt “closer” to them. Though I never dated ladies and I have no intentions to do so”.

In my opinion most of men don’t share their intimate lives. And nobody of us should be forced to!

“I keep my stuff to myself. Intimate means private. And private means the opposite of public. So I can choose who to talk to about my secrets”.

New sexual fluidity

Younger men are enjoying a more open minded education though. I guess parents don’t preach that hard about choosing wether you are gay or straight anymore. So young men —and ladies— do exactly what they feel like doing. Not deciding according to a classified system.

Emotional sexual fluidity

I always say in my posts that to me there are no tags. Each and every man is a unique individual. So this is exactly how I serve you!

Sometimes after a massage the clients talk about their intimate life. I never force them though! I just listen. And many interesting subjects pop out!

“My wife knows that every now and then I see a man. First she didn’t ask about it. Now little by little we talk more and more about it. It’s nice to share our most intimate thoughts and experiences. I think love and partnership are about these as well!”

So emotions and sex can come very close. When communication adds up it’s even better!

I think the reason is because sex is an expression of intimacy. Skin contact can be a way to translate feelings into something tactile and physical.

“My friends always tried to make me feel “different” —from them! Because I feel emotionally and sexually comfortable with all sorts of human beings. So not restricted to gender! I have also had an amazing affair with someone who called herself “trans-gender”. I guess I feel attracted to certain stories and lifestyles”.

This is another proof that masculinity and femininity are cultural inventions. Because the social roles have a lot to with it. Since ancient civilizations there is a segregation of roles that converted in attributes.

Personally I think that each and every personality can be fascinating. What do you think?

Sexual fluidity fascination

Water and fluids are fascinating. Try to watch the water flowing in a river, a small waterfall —or just in the bath tub.

Also the reflections of the sun inside a swimming pool. Oftentimes I freeze and find myself staring at them for a while. That’s why I chose this picture!

Since solid matter is the opposite. No coincidence we call the stark and petrified hearts “cold”. And emotions are seldom “cold”.

We also say “nothing is set in stone”. Our fascinating emotional lives are either!

“You can’t bathe twice in the same waters”.

This is what pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus said, 2,500 years ago.

A nice example of what usually happens in our love lives and sexual lives.

So if everything is fluid, our sexuality is as well. Since we are a relevant part of Nature. And our bodies are 65% water.

As you know, I’m a gay masseur. I just speak about these sort of subjects because I feel intrigued about human nature.

An excellent example of sexual fluidity is Matt, who used to be straight but is also offering sexual services. For both men and women!

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