Secrets about Sexual excitement

Sexual excitement

Secrets about Sexual excitement

Sexual excitement also happens during massages. Even in therapy massages, which are legitimate massages. Legitimate masseurs though prefer not to “go there” and avoid any kind of intimate stimulation.

Sometimes though the erotic fantasies are more powerful than your own control. What happens then?

Forbidden sensual excitement

Therapy masseurs chose this job because this is what they want to do. This is obviously a legitimate decision!

As you know, there are therapists that will kick you out their cabinet. They don’t tolerate the least move on them. You lost your money and maybe your dignity. So don’t contact therapy masseurs if your goal is a different one. The shortest way is being honest with yourself and with the therapist!

Even though your temptations and your sensual fantasies are legitimate as well! At least they are to me!

Of course each and every man has his own intimate world of wishes and desires. And sensual fantasies are necessary as well. Psychologists state they are natural. And also that we need to live them up.

So how can we combine two legitimate decisions that seem to conflict here?

Sexual excitement and massage

Well, this is why some masseurs choose to also offer sensual massages.

This is my case! My calling is exactly this! Erotic tantric massage.

Because I enjoy my own sensual excitement. I could not say I’m addicted to sex, but to sensuality.

After all, Tantric massage teaches you that intimacy is communication.

Poor intimate lives are more common than we think. Many gay men suffer from lack of affection, tenderness and intimate communication.

My gay erotic massage sees your excitement as something natural. In my naked massage we will share some true male on male bodywork!

Sometimes they also call it m4m massage.

I encourage you to try it if you have the chance!

Honest sensual excitement

Honesty is also very relevant. Because men who always hire escorts develop some very fine antennas. Antennas to detect fake sensuality. Fake groaning, fake words, fake excitement.

Since I’m not an escort, I think I don’t need to fake anything.

Erotic massage has the advantage that I can give it to just anybody. And I can get really involved into the session. Though I never promise my service is compared to the escorts performances.

I’m not one of those expensive boyfriends. You will only pay for the massage session!

So what you will experience with my massages is an absolutely honest intimate communication.

The goal is your sensual pleasure, your true enjoyment. And of course your bliss.

The 5 clues for exciting erotic massage

There are many more! Though let’s focus on the tricks that always work!

  • Natural sexy attitude
  • Avoid genital area at first
  • Stimulate the testicles
  • Massage the nipples
  • Try prostate massage

The atmosphere you prepare is also very relevant. Though many guys don’t care and also do enjoy a very spontaneous setting!

Sexual excitement and release

What a frustrating experience if there was no release!

“I didn’t know if release was included. I am so happy it is! You took me to an amazingly high excitement. I have never felt so horny. My dick has never felt harder! The proof is that I ejaculated without touching myself!”

I see apotheosis and release as something natural and spontaneous. So I never force anybody to climax. I have seen too many men who wish to keep their sensual energy. Either for their significant half or for a casual lover.

This is always your own decision. And I always respect whatever you wish!

“I hate it when I’m having sex and the other guy wants me to climax. What if I don’t feel like cumming now? Please respect me. Though with you I couldn’t stand it!”

Sinless sensual excitement

Many guys tell me that they heard tantric massage are safe and sinless. Yes they are. If sinning is having lollypop, we won’t be sinning. Also if sinning is sensual intercourse, we won’t be sinning either.

If you have any questions please call me!

Paco: contact me!

Please go on exploring this website, as these surprising FAQs or the weirdest testimonials, or check Jorge’s even more intimate services: gay escorts in Barcelona.

See you soon in Barcelona!

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