Sexual curiosity

Sexual curiosity

Sexual curiosity is more and more abundant among straight men. Honestly I don’t have an answer as to what the reasons are. This is a fact though. So something I’m facing more and more frequently.

I do believe what my customers tell me. Because I don’t see a point in making up some stories like these.

Different men, different stories. I heard a bunch of them, and I’m not surprised anymore. I’t rather say Im’ fascinated by the variety of biographies. There are no two men on Earth with the same story!

Sexual curiosity and age

Millenial gay men have a quite different approach to sensuality than men over 30. Not to mention daddies and men over 50 years of age. Society has changed a lot.

Gay rights have gone a long way and the LGBT community has gained a lot in visibility. Civil rights and laws now protect individuals from all sorts of discrimination. Well, just in the most evolved democratic countries by now!

Nowadays the younger guys have had the chance to experiment with homo-erotic desires. Though it can be a well kept secret, that’s nothing to feel ashamed anymore.

On the other hand, men older than 40 years of age have second thoughts. Namely when thinking about being with another man. Since they have been raised in much more traditional moral background.

The legitimate sensual curiosity

There is always a reason for some specific curiosity. A desire that you never had the chance to make come true. The secret suspicion of liking men. While you have been married for the last 25 years.

“I just needed to undergo this test, Paco. This is the first time I’m touching another man. It feels really exciting though. But something relevant to me was the need to feel emotionally safe”.

My erotic massage is a very safe moment. Curious men don’t just go into a dark room or a cruising area. Because curious men lack of the needed self confidence to know how to act. How do you act when another man assumes you are clearly attracted to men?

“It could have worked differently. But it went wonderfully. Thanks for being respectful and patient with me”.

Because respect is a key word to me. Besides, I never assume the receiver of my erotic massages wants to have sex with me.

Gay tantric massage is a very special bodywork. So I focus on the intimate connection. Call it mindful massage if you wish.

“I’m not ready yet for lollypop. Not to mention penetration. I want to go one day at a time. Now I know I’d like to do it though”.

Sexual curiosity: married men

Almost all of my customers are married men. Either to men or to women. Because erotic massage can’t be seen as cheating on your lifetime partner.

“We made a vow of keeping faithful. Anyway, every now and then I need to experience something with a different person. This time I was curious to touch a man. This has been something much more exciting —sensually— than I could foresee though”.

You know what sex is all about. But maybe you don’t know what erotic massage is about though.

“I felt a very deep connection to you. You build up a very intimate and sexy atmosphere. You are in charge and I really did trust all of your moves. I really like this!”

So erotic massage won’t make a cheater out of you.

Sexual curiosity: live it up!

My previous partner always told me:

“It’s better to repent about something we did than repenting on never trying it!”

That’s so true! Especially when we speak about innocent experiences like these. Because there is no harm in erotic massages!

Right the opposite! Erotic massages are sweet, tender.

“Your service sounds really intriguing to me. I need to try it!”

This can be a true discovering.

“Your massage changed the way I see fore-play with my partner. You gave me a bunch of new ideas that feel useful and exciting!”

Gay massage in Barcelona

It’s about time to try it. Plan ahead if you are ever visiting Barcelona!

I will be very happy to serve you!

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You are also free to call me over the phone if you need any additional information.

Paco: contact me!

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