Sexcapade massage

Sexcapade massage

Sexcapade massage

“This has been my sexcapade massage! I feel really great after your massage because I had a ball —but don’t feel guilty. I mean, I don’t feel like I have been cheating on my wife. This is some very hot stuff but it is not sex “all the way”. In one word: released. And another word: satisfied!”

Planning a sexcapade massage

This customer —let’s call him Jim— sent me a really nice e-mail before traveling to Barcelona. He was planning the many aspects of his trip. He was looking up nice restaurants, architecture sites, the typical Ramblas promenade. Also the designer shops at Passeig de Gràcia and many other things I can’t remember now.

Sexcapade massage

So Jim bumped into this website of mine and got really intrigued about erotic Tantra massage. While he read a great deal of the contents he sent me an e-mail explaining his plans. And also placing a relevant question:

I just found your website —accidentally. You could call me “bi-curious” or  “married straight man”. Though I’d to plan a massage session with you. But before setting up a firm appointment I need to know the limits. Because I don’t want to have sex with you. I want to share a man on man sexy moment of intimacy. I think being touched by you will feel really exciting to me. Can I touch you back? Please don’t misunderstand me, because this is my limit. No oral sex and nothing further. This makes me feel really horny but I don’t want to cross these limits. Does it make sense to you?”

Sexcapade massage for straight men

It sure does make sense! And these are the regular limits of erotic massage. Crossing these by performing oral sex and penetration is the somebody else’s job. Like Matt.

More and more gentlemen are sending questions like this. I am always very clear about the limits of my service though it seems nobody believes them. Many guys still think I am an undercover escort. I am happy to answer them all though!

Since too many guys are very stubborn with oral sex issue I recently included a new massage package. I decided to call it Fusion Tantra.

Sexcapade massage for bi-corious men

Some men tag themselves as “married straight man”, and others say “bi-courious”. It’s ok with me, I get the idea.

Generally you could also tag into the category of first time gay massage. On this post you’ll be able to read much more about it!

Also the bisexual men massage can explain it with a bit more detail.

The main thing about all this is they all feel absolutely happy and satisfied after our massage sessions.

More info needed? Please visit

Or call me personally! My name is Paco: +34 676 648 226

Big sexy hug!

For those who do need massage plus escort services here goes a suggestion: Matt. He is a young and extremely well endowed guy!

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