Sex worker and the new gay massage styles

Sex worker

Sex worker and the new gay massage styles

Sex worker is the man who works offering sensual services. As a man myself I am offering my erotic massage service to all sorts of men. You can be a straight man, a bisensual man or a gay man. I really don’t care about these tags!

You can call it as you please, but my services are about pleasure. Do you wish to know more about what erotic massage is all about?

Sex worker

Call him a gay escort. Or call him a gigolo. Even “trade” as a slang term used in the United States.

Erotic masseurs are also in this category even though we are not precisely practicing sex.

So why don they still call me a sex worker?

Looking for sex workers

“I am getting really bored with sex workers. Especially in the United States they are offering some lame and fake experiences. Your massage instead has been a genuine moment of some man on man action. I felt a true connection. And this is what I’m looking for! You are an excellent sex worker!”

I never saw myself under this light though. The intimate body to body contact and also allowing my customers to touch me makes the difference. Because it seems other masseurs are acting in a very prude way.

“You are flexible. So the opposite to rigid! I could feel this true moment of mutual exploration, all the way. If somebody does not like your job give me his phone number!”

Sex worker and masseur

Being a gay masseur is different than being an escort.

“Why don’t you switch over to escort? You’d do an excellent job!”

Well I thought about this in the past. Though I already took a firm decision many years ago.

If I can’t be the best I’d rather stick to what I really can guarantee. Honestly when it comes to sex I’m not able to serve all men with the same passion.

Erotic massage allows me to treat all men with the same passion and intensity. No differences among all of you!

I’m not sure that sex would work the same way though. So I better leave that for the professional escorts.

I prefer to be genuine in what I do. It’s a lot easier since the limits of erotic massage are very clear to everybody.

“I didn’t expect us to perform any sort of lollypop. Though I wish you did!”

“Sometimes masseurs do sex if you ask them. I didn’t dare to ask you, I don’t know why. I’m happy to know I didn’t miss it though!”

Sex worker and sex

I can understand though why some of my clients see me as a sex worker.

The goal of my service is their sensual pleasure. Yes, all of them do achieve climax. Orgasm is the ultimate sensual pleasure.

There are just a few men who choose not to climax though. It is their personal and legitimate decision. And I always respect it.

Do you prefer a gay escort instead of a professional erotic masseur? Here you’ll meet gay escorts who are absolutely reliable and professional.

Book your gay massage

Time to make your mind up! Did you understand how far I can go with erotic massage for men? Does it sound appealing to you?

Call me and let’s see how we match our agendas.

And go on exploring my website in depth: FAQs, how to see a masseur, and even amazing erotic stories —to read with one hand.

Finally, pease check my massage prices and the different menus and options I’d like to offer!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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