Sex massage gay

Sex massage gay

Sex massage gay in Barcelona. I think it’s always a good time to mention some desires.

So today I want to share my point of view about what a massage customer told me.

How far can we go in an erotic massage?

Sex massage gay

Before I create a new massage protocol I always have in mind all these facts:

  • What previous customers have told me
  • How they react to my techniques and behaviour
  • What they appreciate
  • Why are they coming back
  • What recurring and loyal customers tell me

And —the most relevant:

  • What they request
  • New suggestions

Because a weird request is easy to discard. Though you should always listen! Even to the apparently silliest comments!

I take my job seriously —well not too seriously always. Pleasure is also about enjoyment and fun, so being too serious would act against the whole thing. Let’s just say I am responsible and aware of what we’re doing. Because massage is my calling and my passion!

Massage service

Well, as you already know, this is a massage service for gay men. After you finish reading this post you are welcomed to check some more information about gay massage in Barcelona!

I love this approach to passionate massage!

Passionate massage

Yes I am passionate about my job. I do erotic gay massage because I enjoy it myself as well. So rather than just giving a massage to me it is about sharing an intimate and extremely sexy moment. This is why my attitude is always a generous one. I absolutely think more bout what you’d be wishing to feel and do than on my own side.

I always try to enjoy it as well!

Prices of sex massage gay

The hottest, most sensual massage is the one I am performing naked. The kind of massage which is a really private, intimate and m4m or male on male massage.

Please call to ask!

Gay massage in Barcelona

And the following are comments my customers are sending in. This is what they say after visiting our gay massage studio in the city center of Barcelona.

Very easy to find! Just two blocks from my hotel!!”

“What a nice apartment!”

“Wow, it smells good here!”

“Thank you, your massage is absolutely amazing!”

“I didn’t expect you offering me a drink! So nice!”


So what we learn from our customers is significant. And we take real decisions about it. We also take action almost immediately.

This is why we created our new Tantra Fusion massage, adding some special requests from our customers.

Again, please feel free to check my massage prices!

By the way, any choice you make is an extremely safe one! I am professional, so I deliver the best quality massages!

So what is your opinion? What is your feedback to my sex massage job?

I really hope to see you in Barcelona soon!


Last but not least, check more content and pictures on the full website. You’ll find some sexy surprises for sure:

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