Secret Tantra massage

Secret Tantra massage

Secret Tantra massage

The secret Tantra massage is a blissful experience. It goes far beyond a massage and far beyond sex though. So only a few masseurs have the full training. Like me.

I am Paco. You can trust my expertise and my knowledge about the best kept secrets about Tantra massage.

Secret Tantra massage

Tantra massage and Tantra traditions have been well kept secrets for about 3,000 years. And they still are! So too many male masseurs, erotic masseurs and thousands of impostors use this word to describe and to advertise. On top of this, and most of the times, their service is a fake massage or a tacky masturbation.

Because the secrets of Tantra will go on being a secret shared only by a few. I am not telling you here that I know everything though.

Consequently many of my customers have a great experience in Tantric massage. These are the reviews to have in mind.

“You are a spiritual man yet very carnal. The experience you provided me with is a high quality Tantra massage session. Your personal blending of spirituality and sensuality has been perfect, balanced and honest. I did not feel any fake touch. You “were here” all the time, conducting the session to be this amazing experience. Congrats, you are on the right track.”

Tantra for gay men

It looks like that gay men are a large community of individuals seeking for a meaningful Tantra experience. Because gay men use to find and get what they are looking for. We always get the right information to investigate and study once we know our individual desires.

Gay Tantra massage is never too easy to find though. I mean the real Tantra massage performed by gay men. There are lots of massage studios and workshops offering “Tantra seminars” or “Tantra workshops”. I personally joined some of them to find out they are really sad tricks though.

Many gay men join these seminars because it is a way to contact new single gay men looking for sex. Tantra workshops in the woods or in cottages put all these men together. Although to end up in a kind of discrete orgy far from the city. If this is what you want, go ahead!

Secret Tantra massage for gay men

My personal opinion is that Tantra means intimacy. A Tantra massage and Tantra sex need a lot of peace, silence, intimacy and being alone. The best choice is always being with somebody you really trust and you feel attracted to.

This is what I can offer: being alone with you. Building up some mutual trust, confidence and complicity. We might not know each other yet, but we will since you are probably interested. You have seen my pictures and you have read my website and my blog.

A relevant promise I always make is finding the balance of Tantra and real life expectations. I will never force you to change your breathing rhythm. I will never force you to repeat Indian, Tibetan or Nepali Mantras. My Secret Tantra massage is never involving religion nor personal ideas.

My secret Tantra massage is a natural experience that will transport you to a different level. Some of my customers fall into a light trance though. Other feel an amazing peace, loose track of time, others experience a crazy sexual excitement. What you feel is a reflection of your desires, and secret Tantra massage is a way to release tensions. And also this will make some dreams come true.

Call me if you have any questions. I will be always happy to answer! Paco: +34 676 648 226

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See you soon in Barcelona!

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