Sebastião erotic story


Sebastião was the professional hypnotist who took me on a trip to a former reincarnation. You can read what happened during his session and how I met Stanislaw if you missed it.

Sebastião showed up at the little bar while I was sitting on a high stool.

He was a dark skinned mix, he said in Brazil his skin tone is named “moreno jambo”. Apparently there is a name for every hue. By the way, didn’t Stanislaw teach me that every color has a name. I feared that regression would have a strong impact in my life from then on.

I wasn’t able to understand the ultimate message Sebastião was trying to get across.

We heard a crack outside. By then it was clear somebody was sneaking around.

A tall and dark silhouette came silently in and I froze.

Who was that dark silhouette coming in?

Stay tuned! The next chapter the dark silhouette is now available!

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