Gay Massage Santander

Welcome to Santander, right now you are vey close to find the best massage therapists in this beautiful city! Yes, it’s the headquarters of Banco Santander or Santander Bank.

Santander is definitely not in the list of the “gayest” cities in the world. So finding a decent gay massage in Santander can be some hard work —sometimes frustrating!

The reason is a simple as the social background of the city. Gay men still get married, stay deep “inside the closet” and are extremely discrete and careful.

As you guess, some of these gay men just travel to Bilbao. The wealthiest ones spend the weekends in Madrid or in Barcelona —where no-one knows them— to hang out in clubs.

As a result, only the best gay masseurs succeed in Santander.

Prostate massage in Santander

The “Chakra number 1” or also “prostate massage” is the tantric massage technique most requested by gentlemen visiting Santander. Stressed financial managers use this specific grip to counterweight tension!

This is one more reason why our male masseur in Santander will be really useful for your balance.

Though what is the prostate massage all about? You will soon discover how all the techniques involved are able to release deep tensions, both emotional and physical.

Special prostate techniques

Each man is unique, so we need to have in mind the specific dilatation abilities of each client. Of course this is a technique that needs some training and talent, because you want it to be delicate, careful, and exciting. The right balance of thoughtfulness and sexy stimulation!

This is a relevant factor to choose the right therapists also in Santander! With us you are always safe! And getting the best service for your money!

Balance for body and mind

Whichever massage menu you choose from us, you’ll be always satisfied. Please have a look at our testimonials as a way to make sure! The right service needs the right professionals, and choosing is nowadays not as easy as it used to be. Be safe always! Sometimes it’s just a matter of a few bucks.

In Santander you can choose between in-call massage at the masseur’s studio and also out-call massage to your hotel. The fees are the same since you are located in the city center. Though Hotels located on the airport area need a little extra because the masseur needs to cover the taxi expenses.

Male masseur in Santander

Male masseur in Santander is the professional therapist to serve gay gentlemen. Tourists, financial managers and all sorts of executives and businessmen are visiting Santander these days and are in need of enjoying the best erotic massage.

We mare offering only the best male masseurs in Santander, having in mind the highest quality range both local clients and visitors do expect. This is the ideal service for men who want to be served by a male masseur.

How easy is it to make your booking? As quick as contacting male masseur! A male professional masseur will answer each of your questions so you can decide who, hen and what you want to enjoy

Male masseurs in Santander

We need high quality professional masseurs in Santander.

We have recently detected a huge increase in demand of these services, so we need at least two professional masseurs who also master erotic bodywork. Out clients are wealthy gentlemen who are mainly working in the financial branch.

Are you about 25-35 years of age? Do gay men see you as a handsome young man? Do you think you have a sexy body? The natural talent for erotic bodywork is also extremely relevant!

Finally, if you have a massage studio to welcome the clients you’ll have many more clients visiting! Contact us!

Or contact Paco

Sometimes Paco is coming to Cantabria for a long weekend to relax from his work in Barcelona and Sitges.

Maybe his “daddy” style matches your fantasies, so you can schedule a very sexy bodywork with him!

Paco doesn’t have a studio in Santander, so he is serving hotels and apartments.

Make sure to contact Paco to inquire about his whereabouts!

Enjoy the best gay massage in Santander!

Gay life in Santander

Santander is an amazingly beautiful city. The Cantabric coast is exactly between Asturias and Euskadi, so it shares a lot their unique landscape styles.

Spanish people say That men in Santander are passionate, yet very polite and even romantic.

Men in the N orhtern coast of Spain are handsome in a very natural and spontaneous way. Especially the youngest and the mature do have a special magnetism. The bad side is most of them are closeted, so don’t try to seduce them in public places.

As we pointed out before, Santander is the head quarters of Banco Santander, one the the most powerful banks in the world. The family running this huge enterprise, the Botin, have always been surrounded by a very stylish socialite. Of course some of them are also gay, though absolutely closeted.

Our masseurs in Santander have been serving many of these stylish gentlemen, and they are also recommending our massage services to the foreign visitors after the professional meetings are over and they have some time to unwind.

Contact your gay masseur

Contact us to find out who is available for your timing, or request his direct phone number.

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