Romantic massage

Romantic massage

Romantic massage happens when the emotional chemistry adds to the sexual intimacy of my erotic massage.

I can be very passionate and very sexy. And also very romantic!

What does it all mean though?

Romantic massage

We all know what the word “romantic” means. Using my own tantric massage vocabulary, it is a sign of the deepest intimate connection.

Because Tantric massage allows me to establish this so called “spiritual connection”. At least this is how many men call it.

The way you talked to me, your sweetness and your ways to seduce me felt romantic. I felt you care about me. While this did not happen for years in my personal life”.

So Tantric massage gives you all the tools to build up this personal bond.

You got me after just a couple of minutes. Somehow you took me over in the blinking of an eye! How do you do this?”

Call it experience, call it interest, call it passion for tantric massage! Because I just love my job. And I like to take care of you!

Never before I felt so sexually satisfied”

After meeting you I will never forget you. This might sound weird, but it is true.

Gay romantic massage

Did you notice that straight population call us gay men “promiscuous”? At least this is some visible side of our behaviour as a community. Of course this is not always true!

But I bet you know many of your friends who have a very active sexual life. Some guys are changing partners before they even call them a friend.

Now add all those dark rooms, saunas, cruising areas among many other sex practices. You name it!

I wouldn’t say I am a romantic guy though. But you seduced me and I felt like fallen for you”.

I know generalising is not smart. Though some gay men lack of the romantic side of seduction. It feels too easy to visit a bar, pick up somebody you like, have what you are looking for. And then go for the next.

Smartphone apps make it even faster and easier.

My sexual encounters just feel shallow. I need some deeper stuff, some honest connection. Something authentic and genuine. I know I’m hiring you for just a while though. But you left a strong, enduring and nice aftertaste. I enjoyed the memory of our session for days”.

Sexy and romantic massage?

Can something romantic also be sexy? Of course! If you know the way to do it, it just flows naturally.

I call this “passionate massage” and I wrote a post about it some days ago.

Erotic massage is almost an art. So it needs talent, passion and generosity. Erotic massage is my calling, so I do it in a very spontaneous way.

You make it feel genuine. I never felt something like this before”.

Many other men say I’m intuitive.

You have a secret way to guess all my power buttons!”

Book your romantic massage

Stop thinking and pushing things for later. Tomorrow never knows, so you are welcomed to plan ahead your session with me.

I can serve you in my gay massage studio as in-call service. And also in your hotel as out-call massage. Both options have the same prices, so please feel free to order the most convenient option!

Just call me if you need to speak. Since I answer whatever questions you have you’ll know exactly where you’re at.

Call or send me an SMS: +34676648226

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See you soon in Barcelona!

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