Marius, the Romanian gay client

Marius, the Romanian gay client

Marius, the Romanian gay man, called two days before Matt and me served Robin in Sitges. He was staying in a hotel I won’t mention for discretion.

If you read the previous erotic stories you’ll be familiarised with the fact I never expose true personal nor social details about the clients.

For the time being I have described erotic sessions with Brazilian, English, American and Italian customers. This is the first Romanian —maybe the only.

I guess the main reason we are not serving many Romanian men is a very simple one. Once they travel far from home, in other words, when they feel totally out of control, they prefer going “all the way”. Consequently they choose gay escort services instead of erotic massage.

Marius though had a very clear intention to enjoy our true erotic massage. He had obviously read many contents on this website I could tell by the way he mentioned our service options. During our first conversation he also pointed out he was gay. He talked in a deep tone, slow and controlled. I assumed he was an elder gentleman.

Once we met in front of his hotel I immediately sensed a strong sexual chemistry. Marius was a very elegant, handsome and sexy mature man, maybe close to his 60’s. By any means you would say he’s gay.

Once we were alone in his room he said he wasn’t gay at all.

So why did you say you’re gay on the phone?

Because I wanted to make sure you’ll serve me. Maybe you would reject me if I said I’m a straight family man.

Marius is the only guy who told me this since 2003! For all other issues he is an extremely honest guy. Grounded, balanced and with that unique blend of sexy elegance.

The tempting Marius

I sometimes feel tempted to think:

This is going to be an easy massage.

But I refrain from thinking it, since many surprises can come up during a long massage session. Feeling too confident is also a bad idea. The goal before starting a gay massage is always focusing on the client’s pleasure and satisfaction. Even if I feel so tempted to let go. I guess most of the clients value this attitude. They call it “being professional” and I totally agree.

Marius didn’t speak any English, so we tried to understand each other in Italian. Italian is easy for me to understand, though finding my own words is a little bit more difficult. Anyway, I think we understood each other clearly.

After I prepared all my massage instruments close to the bed, like the oil, the cream and the tissues, I looked up and saw him standing naked in front of me. In the meantime he had carefully closed all the curtains, though all the lights were still on.

Marius was as tall as me, had some very short but thick dark grey hair on his head, with a perfect haircut. His beard was a well trimmed “salt and pepper”, so dark grey with some silver sparks. He had only a few hair around his nipples, around his navel and also on his pubic area. I couldn’t stop myself from looking at his penis. He had a powerful thick uncut penis. It was soft but I could tell a thick vein on top of it, coming close to his foreskin.

He was looking at me, possibly thinking:

What’s next?

First we can start to explore each other. While we are standing, I will touch and discover all of your body parts. You can do the same on me.


Discovering each other

It felt very natural. He first touched my hairy chest. Then he tried to caress me closer to my dick, but apparently changed his mind.

We both started to have an erection, and feeling his dick lifting up against mine was terribly exciting. He looked down to watch our dicks, and he grabbed them together with one hand, carefully. Since I didn’t say anything he felt he could go ahead. Then he grabbed our dicks with both his hands. He looked at me asking for some positive reaction. I smiled.

I started to like men just two years ago. It feels strange, since never before I had any sexual interest on men.

He smiled, with a blend of pride, happiness and as sort of relief. I assume he felt accepted, something maybe not usual in his hometown.

We could have been standing for a longer while, toughing each other, but I thought giving some variety in positions would be more interesting for him.

Then I instructed him to lay down on the bed. He sort of laid down on his side, not knowing if facing down or not, and I told him to do what felt more interesting to him.

Sei bello, sei bravissimo.

He mumbled. I sensed there was a bit too much light in the room, and I switched them all of, except one of the reading lamps on the night stand. That dimmed light felt much more intimate and secret, and Marius also started to feel more and more comfortable.

The only other light in the room was a small refrigerator with a glass door. I could see cheeky miniature bottles of Whisky and Gin, also a variety of soft drinks to mix with.



The perfect penis

His dick was extremely hard and pulsing. Surprisingly, he never touched himself though. There was no greed in his look, and also no demanding attitude. He was a calm man with no rush. It was so sexy to see his beautiful dick. It grew much longer and thicker than I had foreseen, and its veins were reminding me the ones of a horse neck. You could literally see its strength. His penis was also slightly curved, which is a fact that also excites me very much.

I guess I did a very good job. He patiently let me work all over his body, front and then back. He was so easy to be with, and I think we both forgot about time.

There seemed to be no gravity while I was performing my body to body on top o his front, then on his back. Marius moved slowly, elegantly, and moaning carefully. It was also very exciting to both of us to rub our dicks against each other. My hard dick moved in a way parallel to his that uncovered his glans. He had an extremely beautiful head. Also balanced according to his shape, not too big like a mushroom head, and also not thinner than the stem.

Marius’ dimmed room was a place set in nowhere, where we could stay, lay side by side, turn over, touch and discover each other for hours and maybe days. He looked inside my eyes like he wanted to learn everything about me. Always with that sexy and discreet smile. His shyness was of a very elegant sort.

I want some more

There was a moment when we masturbated each other that felt so precious that I wished it never ended. His hands felt confident in the way the grabbed me. The right pressure, the right pace. Slowly, aware of the pleasure.

Once I sensed it was time, I pulled my hand away from his dick. He did the same, and looked inside my eyes with the answer he was looking for.

We slowly looked down to his penis, and after beating up once again by itself, like a giant whale jumping out the surface, his wonderful penis started to release a very slow and dense white liquid. It was just one shot, but it was long and also curved. It felt like an extremely heavy liquid.


He hushed. His smile was another interesting mix of predictable surprise and happiness.

I suddenly was aware of the other little light in the room. The small fridge. Somehow I thought Marius would like to have a drink, so I asked him.

We spend some more time chatting and drinking. Marius was proficient in Italian, so it was easy to understand him. He started to ask questions about the other masseurs.

By reading your website, I thought you know the other guys well?

After a minute of naming the other exclusive masseurs it was clear that Matt had drawn his attention too.

He has like an Italian flag tatted on his chest. Is he Italian?

I always answer the same:

Why don’t you ask himself.

New plans

We had been touching each others’s dicks during that conversation, so by then we were both hard again. I felt jealous because his next request was going to be Matt. Even if I first feel a little jealousy, my priority is always efficiency. I made everything extremely easy so he felt confident about hiring Matt.

Matt can serve you tomorrow, I think he’s still available about this same time.

He stood silent for a minute. His mind was probably making some calculations or moving events in his agenda.

You don’t mind if I want Matt tomorrow?

Of course not! He will be very happy to meet you and serve you!

After I had my shower and dressed up, Marius walked me very elegantly down the hotel entrance. I guess he needed to smoke a cigarette. He was very polite, but also sweet and caring.

Then I called Matt.

Mario romanian gay dick

Mario romanian gay dick

Two days later

After his appointment, Matt didn’t say anything about Marius. I know he likes mature men, and Marius was definitely his type. The only word he usually texts me after his appointments is the predictable:


During our way back to Barcelona after Robin’s massage in Sitges, Marius called again. I was very surprised. That was his third call in three days.

I want you both to come and see me. You and Matt together. Tonight, at 9 if it’s fine with you.

Matt and I looked at each other. After a few seconds of surprise we made a high 5.

Marius, Matt and me

We found his door open. The sexy Romanian was standing in the middle of his room. With the curtains already drawn, and the right lighting. His smile was big and proud. From head to toes, he looked at both of us showing his open hands to make clear he was standing in front of two handsome guys.

Having you both in the same room is magic. I can’t believe it.

We spontaneously got close together and melt into a three-some hug.

Marius started to make some easy jokes, he was clearly happy. Somehow that reunion felt like a celebration. Matt needed to have a quick leak, and in the meantime Marius handed me discretely a bunch of bills, which I put inside my pants.

I don’t know if Matt was very attracted to Marius, but he wasn’t very talkative. I had never seen him speaking Italian, so I guess he likes the country but isn’t very fluent in the language.

Anyway, we started a similar session like the one I gave Marius two evenings before. The three of us standing in the middle of the room, our pants by our feet, our dicks coming close together.

Matt decided to perform a sort of show for Marius. So he started to suck me. Matt was kneeling in front of me, and Marius was looking a little surprised. I wasn’t very keen on giving the same show back. I confess I would have chosen Marius’ dick, but I kept that wish, maybe for later.

That evening Marius felt much looser and out of control that the first day I met him. Matt and me started our erotic massage, and he groaned freely. I was also happy for him, because he was taking the most out of that special session.

Amazing Gay Romanian

Marius turned over much earlier than I had planned, but somehow it was okay. Since he felt absolutely free, he grabbed Matt’s dick and put it inside his mouth. Confidence, trust and satisfaction have such effects on the human behaviour, and I think it’s totally legitimate.

I was kneeling beside Marius on top of the bed, while Matt was standing barefoot on the floor. Marius turned towards my face with a big and proud smile, as if he was finally proud of what he liked to do. Then he hugged me. At these sort of sweet moments Matt always feels awkward. He needs to do something every second. I grabbed Matt’s dick and put back it inside Marius’ mouth. He searched for my dick and started to stroke me exactly like the other day. With his strength and slow pace.

Then he suddenly put his face on my lap and also sucked me. The warm pleasure he was giving me felt absolutely irresistible, and I was afraid he’d make me climax very soon if he went on like that. Matt decided to suck Marius, and I guess that was a highlight for the Romanian man.

We spontaneously build a sort of chain. Matt was blowing Marius, and my dick filled Marius’ mouth. He tried to scream and groan, a happy victim of sexual pleasure.

I am quite sure Marius knew it was too early to be that intense, so he then laid down on his back. Matt was on his right side, me on his left. He looked at both of us. Matt copied my position and kneeled on top of the bed as I was.

Sono nel paradiso.

Marius said, like exhaling in bliss.

He said Matt and me are so different, yet so gorgeous, each one in his personal style.

Double dick

Then he lift up his body and grabbed each os us by our buttocks. He put our dicks together and started sucking us from both directions. Matt and me moved between Marius’ legs, so he could swallow both of our dicks alternatively.

Marius’ dick was throbbing, I could see he was really hard and pulsing. I didn’t see any pre-ecum the previous day, but now his foreskin was wet with a transparent and shiny liquid.

I wonder why Matt wasn’t that hard. We had that amazing session in Sitges, so maybe he liked Robin more than Marius.

Unexpectedly, Matt came exactly the second when Marius needed to breathe. He took our dicks out his mouth. Matt’s shot fell over Marius’ chest. The three of us had to smile.

For some reason, from then on Marius concentrated more on me. Maybe because he thought Matt was spent.

Wisely, Matt took Marius’ dick inside his mouth while the Romanian was caressing me.

To my taste everything was too quick and intense, but it was difficult to get back in charge. I thought that sort of session was what Mario wanted to have with us, so I let go.

Marius started adoring my dick. He put it in his face, he smelled my balls, he licked my head, he watched it closely.

His dick was so beautiful, so sexy and so calling me. I could see it from a distance, though every now and then Marius’ head blocked this vision. Once I had the chance, I got closer to it and did as he did before. I put it only face, watched it closely. I felt genuine desire.

Possession instinct

Matt was quicker than me and put it inside his mouth again. I don’t know if Matt wanted to finish the session, or that was just a way to remind us he was still there.

I managed to include the three of us in the body to body contact. We did a sort of three-some hug, and our three penises got together. We rubbed them, wishing that Matt got hard again, and he did —sort of. Anyway, Matt’s dick is always impressive.

I felt the same sexual desire like the first day I met Marius. That was a genuine excitement, a power stronger than my will. Somehow I needed to feel I could possess him.

For some reason I didn’t try any sort of prostate stimulation on him before. And what I was going to try that moment was skipping all sorts of foreplay. My animal instinct was pushing me to rape Marius.

Both Matt and Marius must have seen this clearly written on my face, and suddenly they stopped. They froze.

Marius got up, pushed me down on top of the bed and sat on my lap. I could see his throbbing penis pulsing and dripping with more pre-cum. Matt hugged him from his back, and was assisting him by moving around and against me.

Marius sat on my dick, though it didn’t go inside him. Simply because he didn’t grab it towards his hole. My dick pressed against his balls and his own dick, and Mario shot a huge and heavy load on top of my stomach.

A very strong sense of frustration took over me. Marius stopped moving, and Matt understood that lack of move like I was drilling him with my tool. Matt put his face next to Marius’, as a way to comfort him.

Unnecessary risks

I was mad at everything and everyone. I could have penetrated and maybe ejaculated inside of him. That was what the animal inside me needed. Regardless of all the risks. A feeling of contradiction told me that luckily everything went that other way.

Marius let himself fall dead all over the bed. We placed ourselves around Marius, and he liked to see himself between us. He hushed like hiding those words from his personal God.

This is paradise. Or hell. But this is where I want to die.

My dick was still hard, and I could also sense my pre-cum wetting Marius’ waist next to me. The only touch of his skin could make me cum on top of him. Instead, I started to breath deeply and slowly.

Who is bigger, you or me?

Marius wanted to compare himself with Matt. Matts’ answer was obvious: his own. And that was true when both of them were soft. But when Marius was hard, i’d say he’s bigger. Knowing that this is a sensible issue for Matt I kept silent.

We still had some sort of tired conversation.

After the three of us showered together, Marius sat on the edge of the bed. For the first time since I met him, he looked sad.

Tomorrow I will need to forget this totally. I have to go back to my other life.

That happened about three years ago. Every now and then, Matt still asks me if Marius texted me or if he’s ever coming back.

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I hope to meet you soon in Barcelona!

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